Friday, November 11, 2011

Joy pockets

My gratitudes for the week...

Rejuvenating the autumn wreath with auburn dock seeds, fairy apples and ruby rose hips

My female friendships - Paula, Becky, Mary, Leigh, Tracy...

An impromptu breakfast party with my new neighbour friend 

A wonderful winter edition of JUNO waiting to be read... sorry, proof-read!

The scent of freshly baked granola pervading my home - vanilla, cinnamon, maple - yum!

Clear, uncluttered surfaces - hurray me!

Snuggling in our cosy warm bed with our three kiddies listening to the storm winds blow, knowing we are safe, warm and full of love.

The tea house.

Belonging to a global circle of moondancing wonder women!

Eating better - lots of fresh fruit and veg feels GOOD!

A big potential new word smith client - came to me dontcha know! (wish me luck for this morning's meeting!)

You, my commenting tribe of blog readers - you add so much joy to my life. Thank you!

And you, dear Dreamer, what are your joy pockets for the week? 
Joining up with Mon over at Holistic Mama


  1. so much joy, I love sharing it with you! here's a few of mine:
    typing with one hand because I just don't want to put the baby down;
    learning to crochet (with 1 hand);
    new baby smiles;
    writing Christmas lists;
    watching the older 2 kiddies being creative;
    getting 3 hours sleep!;
    listening to womens hour;
    cuddles without a pregnant tummy in the way.

  2. Love them Leigh - and love seeing you as a born-again mama! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Love these and going to blog my own shortly. I haven't had a chance to comment yet but your drive to de-clutter has inspired me to do the same (and by the way I share the same glorious emotional issues around 'holding on' to stuff as you do). Tomorrow I'm going to turn this house upside down. No mercy.

  4. Got the writing job - hurray - see the Facebook page for the link!

  5. Congratulations, really exciting. I wrote my Joy Pockets, is there one place to link up with? I found the button online but no details...

  6. hey Hannah - Mon keeps moving it! It's back here now!

  7. yay to cinnamon + vanilla scents! lol
    my fave of yours is the impromptu breakfast party. cool!

    sorry for the confusion (thanks so much for the mention!). HM has never closed, just different topics over at BT. joy pockets has been at HM the last few and will stay there. :)

  8. Oh, female friends, delicious things baking, and decluttering - this all sounds heavenly to me! I loved learning about the tea house in your writings this week. It seems very zen indeed!

    Congrats on the successful meeting!!

    My Joy Pockets, of course, are here:

  9. Hello Miss Lucy!

    My daughter, friends, Anusara yoga, the glow of autumn leaves in morning sunlight, maple syrup & cinnamon, and my cousin's healthy new baby born today at 11:11am in room 11!!

    I enjoy reading your blog and find so very inspiring! Thank you for sharing and for always being honest!

    Sarah Jane

  10. Wow Sarah Jane - an 11/11 11:11 baby - WOW! Thanks for your kind words.

    Looking forward to reading yours Melissa

    Great to be back linked up to your Joy Pockets Mon - glad to know where to find you again!

  11. This is so lovely and inspiring to read as I'm about to run off to sit an exam (blah). It makes me think about all the delicious things I'll be doing after the exam period is over : )

    I too love snuggling with my little girl when there's a storm outside- such a cosy feeling. And cinnamon, vanilla, maple: divine.

    And here's to impromptu breakfasts!

  12. Hope the exam went well Antoinette xx



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