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I make no secret of my total love of the written word, and have referred more than once to my books as "my other babies"! I tend to be the go-to-gal amongst friends when it comes to books and consider myself a book medicine woman! Whether you're pregnant, feeling angry, want to learn meditation, prune raspberries, learn about Steiner education or have a bad back, Lucy is sure to just the right book for you. And a lot of books I have!

I am also fortunate to be JUNO magazine's main book reviewer- what a wonderful job! So a lot of really interesting new titles come my way. I invest in my bookshelf for myself, my family, and my wider community. I run an informal library service - I even have a borrowing book as so many of them are out on loan!

I love finding great new books, and perhaps you do too. Often people ask me for a book recommendations, so here they are, for you too, just in case they might be of use. (Please note from October 31st, all links to books will be Amazon affiliate links which use cookies. You pay no more, but I receive a commission on your purchase.)

20 1/3 Books that Rocked my 2013 12 Books to Change your Life
12 Books that Rocked my 2012

And once you've had a browse through these, do take the time to read some of my posts featuring some other life changing books:
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Radical Homemakers
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You Can Heal Your Life
The Highly Sensitive Child
Making it Wild

And then of course, there are my own books! Four of them now!!

The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood - you can grab a taster of it  when you sign up to the Dreaming Aloud mailing list. Check out its own website here, with extracts, audio, reviews, interviews and articles as well as a full list of contents.

Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle              Moods of Motherhood

Read the introduction to Moods of Motherhood here.

Happy Birthday Dear Book Baby - reflections on the responses of women to Moon Time over its first year.


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