Love Letters

I have always been a lover of letters, especially love letters. One of the nicest things about my work is the wonderful emails and cards I get every week from readers around the world... friends and strangers both, and I wanted to share a few with you to share the glow...

I have been thinking about you all day after reading your last 2 posts. I have been so moved by your words and your honestly and openness. I feel so passionately about being genuine and honest and real. I am so happy for you and for us readers that you wrote and shared your feelings.

I recently spoke in my women's circle about some difficult feelings, and even though it was a very safe space I still felt so exposed and vulnerable and unsure afterwards. I was happy I had spoken but still! I didn't immediately find reassurance but my husband said that by saying it out loud in front of others that it was a big step in being less self- judgemental Then I saw your post about being honest about motherhood and ourselves and I feel so incredibly grateful to have the great good fortune to have found you! 

You have influence my life by your writings quietly for a few years but very loudly over the past year. I love love love Moods of Motherhood and your blog. We have set up a women's circle thanks to you and been inspired by your links. 

Your honestly, openness, genuineness, just straight up this is who I am is SO GREAT!!! It is so what I find valuable and important and the only real way to be. We are constantly discovering new aspects of ourselves some easy to accept others harder. But to accept who we are and stand with that before all is SO beautiful and so important and valuable ... OH I can't find the words!!!!!... but can you feel what I am trying to say to you. THANK YOU and WELL DONE and this IS what life is all about. Being, living sharing who we are. I am inspired and in awe of you. 

 Lucy! Let me thank you. You don't know it but your words have healed me time and time again. In reading your blogs I feel a primitive and primal femininity, a honouring of womankind. I am so grateful to you! I just wanted to send you this to remind you of the soulful, vibrant wombyn you are.

Lucy, what you are doing is a great service for women. Your book joins the momentum of changing the paradigms and shifting what will come. Thank you for growing this consciousness as I see that our futures will be anchored with Red Tents for decades to come because we co-created a world where women honor themselves. For our daughters and their mothers, thank you. 
Many blessings,

ALisa Starkweather,  founder of the Red Tent Temple  Movement

Lucy is a true leader of Women. She inspires and opens our minds to new alternatives and is always one step ahead of everyone else; always overflowing with ideas that guide us back to our core self.
Lucy has taught me creative writing and yoga, organised and facilitated my Mother Blessing, welcomed me into the wonderful bosom of her Women’s Group, guided me in meditation, opened my eyes to the power of a Woman, helped me prepare for birth with Birthing From Within, inspired me to have two home births and given me invaluable advice during my journey across motherhood.
Lucy is an old soul who just knows. She has wisdom and guidance beyond her years. I am in awe of her energy to write in such a beautiful and insightful way, and her incessant drive to keep producing such ground-breaking and deliciously soul-warming material.
Amy, Ireland

Most impressed with 'Dreaming Aloud', I love both the concept and the design: it reaches out, gently takes you in for a hug and whispers in your ear!

 I feel like I have sooo much to thank you for even though I have never met you!! I want you to know you have helped me so much over the last few months :) I get so much from reading your blog, and from there I found out about the wonderful Leonie Dawon (and her lovely life planner) and from her I found out about the amazing Tracy Lee Jones and her Feminine business model and from there I found so many other wonderful women doing incredible things and resources that are really helping me. So I just wanted to say a big thank you for heading me in the right direction.

I recently purchased Moon Time and I feel that I need to thank you personally.Thank you so much for writing this book. For spreading your wisdom. For helping women acknowledge and access their power.
I'm really enjoying reading through your blogs and all of the sites that you recommend. You are doing such important work, Lucy. I'll be recommending you to my mama friends.
Thank you again for so openly sharing your wisdom. You have gifted me with the tools to bring back my womanly magic that was misplaced for far too long.
Yours in gratitude,

I thought I was just having a chat with another Mum who happened to be a writer, about this mad idea I had about publishing meditations I had written when I was pregnant. Surely to just have a laugh and chat about it would do no harm! I mean, I was talking to a writer, I wasn’t a writer - just a Mum.

After meeting Lucy I got in contact with Create Space and Amazon KDP and am currently in the process of having an e-book published in the coming weeks with the intention of having it available in print in the coming  months.

I am grateful to Lucy for giving me a nudge in the right direction and encouraging me to move forward and believing that I could do it!

Yvonne Brewer Spillane

  "I contacted Lucy because I needed advice on ghostwriting and self-publishing, having attempted neither in the past. I chose her because of her successes in self-publishing, and because I trusted her judgement and opinions. I was not mistaken, and found Lucy to be wonderfully generous with her time, experience and ideas. She gave me insights into issues that I had not even thought of, whilst also looking for the best ways to protect my interests."

Nicky Sullivan,  freelance writer, and soon-to-be ghostwriter.



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