Thursday, July 19, 2012

The sisterhood of tribal women (what I've been painting)

So the date of the exhibition is set, half the invites are out, and I'm finishing off the paintings that I have been "stuck" on. Am doing two e courses at the mo - one called "Queen of your heart" with Shiloh Sophia - which is a magical creative journey with lots of great acrylic and portrait technique thrown in.

There are quite a few in the "sisterhood" of wild and tribal women now - will be strange to let some go! But I know that anyone who is called to buy one will be called by them as I am, and she will sing to her soul.


  1. you really do paint beautiful pictures. I'm sure they will go to some happy homes X

  2. I look at each one, and each one has a different energy, a different voice, mood, colour, message. Powerful. I agree with Rose - they will find their ways to the right homes. Best wishes for the exhibition!!

  3. i love that first painting really beautiful x

  4. Holy crap! You have some real talent. I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever. Even my kids recognize it. They've each asked me to draw a dog for them exactly ONCE. Then they look at it and say "Um, I'll ask daddy."

    Glad we "found" each other.


  5. Thx all. Your comments are much nicer than those of my kids who think that it's completely normal to have a mum who paints and writes books and have no qualms in telling me on a regular basis that my painting and "stupid" or " not very good" despite the fact that they have never heard this from me about anything they have ever done, ever.



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