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Embracing the Magic of Moonlit Nights

Welcome to the July Mindful Mama Carnival: Mindfulness and Nature
This post was written for inclusion in the Mindful Mama Carnival hosted by Becoming Crunchy and TouchstoneZ. This month our participants have shared their experiences of mindfulness and the natural world. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.
I remember the first time I really saw the stars. 

I was seven, visiting my cousins in America - and the summer sky seemed alive with a million twinkling dots, awe inspiring in their infinitude. The moon floated in glory and I felt so full of life. Amazed that I had never really seen the night sky. 

As a child the night was for being inside, for bedtime. I wasn't afraid of the dark, but nor was I shown its majesty.

And as an adult I seem to continue this pattern. As the darkness falls we retreat inside into our own cosy cocoons, forgetting the celestrial display of the skies above our heads. The nightly reminder of our position in the universe and the beauty of nature, of our precarious position on a tiny spinning globe of rock dancing amongst millions of others, of the pure chance or design, whichever your belief, of the very existence of life itself, let alone our own individual lives.  

And so I commit to two things this summer to bring the night into our lives
The first is to bring our children out and lie on our backs and look up at the starsJust to be and to see.

And the second is to celebrate the full moon with other women every month. 

Since making the connection between the moon and my cycles when writing my book  
Moon Time: A guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle,
I now find that I really feel the lack of the full moon in my life if I miss it one month. I find the full moon energising, illuminating even.

And I have, for a whole host of reasons, missed it now for a few months in a row. As a result my cycle shifted totally and my energy seemed to sink. 

A few months back a couple of friends and I met down on the beach on the full moon and did a gentle mindfulness ceremony - breathing in, feeling the sand beneath our feet, the wind in our hair, washing away the past month and visioning the new, blessing ourselves and each other (via a mama water fight!!) with an icy cold ocean blessing. The moon hid herself that night, but we all left the beach feeling connected to each other, ourselves and our place in the universe. Revitalised and invigorated from being together, from taking time for ourselves, in nature and with sisters.

So I am calling out to all mindful mamas far and near, to mark the full moon in whatever way speaks to you.

Photo: <3  Follow every Full Moon of 2012 <3
(You will notice that there are TWO full moons in August. This is a Blue Moon  -  the second full moon in a given month, this gives rise to the phrase "once in a blue moon" as it is very rare to have two full moons in a month!)
You might choose to:

  • make and walk a labyrinth on the beach,
  • light a bonfire and dance around it, 
  • lie on the grass on your back, 
  • sing together in harmony,
  • go for a walk with your lover, 
  • breathe mindfully by yourself, 
  • pick flowers for yourself by moonlight,
  • have a bubble bath by moonlight.
Do something that fills you with light.

I am making a commitment to myself, and all women in my local area to be out on our local beach, Shanagarry strand at moon rise for every full moon of the year from now on. Please do join me, spread the word - it would be so exciting for it to grow every month!

Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle - Lucy H Pearce
The Stargazers Handbook: an atlas of the night sky - Giles Sparrow
Earth Child - Games Stories, Activities, Experiments and Ideas about Living Lightly on Planet Earth - Kathryn Sheehad, and Mary Waidner
The Green Hour - Todd Christopher


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  1. I'm usually at home at night time, but when I am out, I always find watching the moon and the stars fascinating. I've read a few blogs lately about celebrating the full moon lately... it looks like I've missed it this month (or are the full moon dates different depending on where you live?), but your post makes me want to look into it more.

    1. Yes, full moon this month was 3 days ago, Tat, but it's still pretty big up there! The date is the same wherever you live. It's an exciting world of discovery!

  2. some of my best childhood memories are from nights spent on an air mattress in the backyard with my family, looking up at the stars. Thanks for bringing this memory to the surface again!

  3. Oh Lucy - you know I love you to death! What a beautiful and inspiring post. I am VERY drawn to the moon and I miss being able to bask in the moonlight. My daughter and her sleep issues preclude me from immersing myself in any moon showers and I really long for them. I feel called to try to change that and since blue moons are especially powerful for me, I might just need to try one of your suggestions next month. Beautiful post!

  4. What a timely post. We're heading out camping with the kids next week and I'd never really considered that they have rarely seen the stars. This will be a wonderful opportunity. And I really appreciate your suggestion about going out for every full moon. I agree that the solace and energy are wonderful - not sure why I hadn't thought of it before. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Lucy you are always so inspiring. :) I too have many memories of the night sky from childhood on, and have been feeling the lack of it over the past months. I am hoping at least once this summer to get Bean to a place where she can REALLY see the stars...and I will be joining you (in spirit at least :)) under the next full moon in August. Thank you thank you for this wonderful post!

  6. Love this post.

    Living in a natural place with clrear access to the celestial world (i.e no light pollution) has afforded me magnificent opportunities to watch the stars and certainly when I take the time to do so I feel much more alive and mindful of my small yet magnificently blessed existence! Next time you are out watching the stars imagine you are looking DOWN on the stars and not up...I think I read about this first through Brian Swimme or maybe somewhere else but the idea is that really we are just 'glued' to the Earth by Gravity and so we are just as much looking out and down - it's an amazing shift in perspective that I think you will enjoy :-)

    As for full moons...ah I used to be out camping with my friends each month - we would be on the beach, by the lake on top of mountains. Alas having my children has made me stay indoors at nights far more. I took them on a moonlight walk a few months back which was great. Now whether they can join me or not, I'm definitely going to mark the moon date and do something more significant again next month. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. @Terri - love that way of seeing the stars - though makes my stomach turn a little to feel that I really am hanging of a whirling rock in space looking down - arggggggggggggghhhhhh, weeeeeeeeeeeeee, life= the greatest fairground ride of them all!!!

  7. I too, love the full moon. I was proposed to during a full moon hike, and we planned our wedding to coincide with the moon too. For a long time we've been saying we need to do a full moon kayak trip to the nearby sandspit as a family, but until I read this post I had forgotten. I will use your awesome calendar to plan it before the weather gets cold again!

  8. I've always felt deeply connected to the moon and find its energy truly magickal. In fact I was aware I might even give birth in my 37th week of pregnancy because the moon was full this week. I haven't. But I did feel my baby moving much more than usual - she must be responding to the moon as well.

    1. @Alinka wishing you well with the birth - your baby may well hang out till the next full moon - I remember fondly starting my (stop-start) labour under the light of the full moon with the cherry blossom glowing in her light.

  9. Oh thank you all for your moon stories and star gazing.

  10. I would LOVE to join you! I often stop and glance at the moon on nights I'm hanging out laundry (if I don't get bitten on the face by some annoying bug) and I recognize how good it makes me feel to just *be* in the moonlight. This is my new mission. Thank you :)



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