Monday, July 9, 2012

(re) learning to draw

I have just started taking another art e course. This time with Suzi Blu. Love her haunting faces. And am wanting to improve my drawing skills, especially for faces.

This is what I've done today. Pleased enough though still feeling very rusty. Loving her technique. The second pic is of my son. The first is the start of the course project. Will be learning to do mixed media. Something I know has been hot for the past few years but I have never known where to start with.

A part of me is definitely moving on from my last batch of paintings so I can have more distance from them and whether they're any good at the forthcoming exhibition. Getting into a different style and medium is helping.

And I get to buy a few lovely new materials!

What are you stretching yourself with at the moment?


  1. Fab Lucy! I don't think I am doing any real creative stretching at the moment, although I am pushing myself more physically. I love how much you open yourself to new skills and fact just love you. Can't wait to see you later x x

  2. Very nice! I started a self portrait last night which is out of my comfort zone h(aven't done one since high school). Drawing faces is hard esp when trying to create a likeness to yourself! I started off with a great sketch in pencil. I really liked it and then after a couple hours of adding paint, I hated it. It felt great during creation but, the end result was so far off from what I wanted. I just painted over it in white this morning to start again and I'm unsure of how to proceed. I know this journey was started for some reason and I need to keep at it. Def stretching! Thanks for sharing your drawings.

  3. I hate when the process feels good and the end result looks pants. But DON'T paint over it in white - start again or keep building up layers of colour. My BEST paintings are the ones that looked SHITE early on. That I hated and got stuck on and despaired at. I just kept leaving them, then blundering on, then suddenly, boom, the choose to step out of their ugly teenage phase in depth and glory.

    Keep on drawing and painting, just keep enjoying the process.

  4. i ended up painting an amazing tree path landscape. I am really happy with it. I just let myself paint what wanted to be painted instead of dictating what I wanted it to be. here is the end result: :)



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