Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If it feels hard...

If it feels hard, then the chances are you're breaking new ground.

And not just for yourself.... Though that is accomplishment enough.

You are also breaking ground for your family, perhaps for your community, perhaps even more people unknown in a wider circle of influence than you dare to dream.

If it feels hard its because you are pushing against the impossible not only in your own head, but in the minds of all your ancestors who came before you and your teachers on earth too.

You are doing what the world at large cannot envisage, within the crucible of your own life.

This takes true courage, true conviction. You are a person of vision and great heart.

If it feels hard, smile in your belly and know that you are truly amazing.

And then keep on going!


  1. Timing.... I had a string of dreams last night. All involving sitting waiting in transit lounges or sitting on planes but having no idea where they were headed....
    I am in a creative 'slow down' a the moment and it is 'hard'.

  2. Oh Sesenarts. Me too, serious creative slow down. My writing is dead ( this gem is the first to materialise in weeks). My painting is totally blocked.

    Interesting transit room dream. I tend to be endlessly running after trains in dreams ( though not recently).

    @Things Hand Made, you're welcome. I needed to hear it too. I was grateful it came through.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been on the verge of giving up all this writing and creating, feeling like social media is a big black hole into which I pour my energy for the occasional little blip back, like I'm pushing a river up hill, and like none of this is ever going to work out anyway, so why am I even bothering. It feels hard. And I am tired. And it is good to hear that it's not just me.

    Also, @Sesenarts... I have that dream All The Time. For years, now. I can't tell you how many trains I've missed in my dreams. It's gotten to the point that I just say to my husband, "I was trying to catch a train all night again."

  4. Know that I'm there with you, Seonaid. Challenging creative times. Challenging to get your voice heard above the rising tide of others also wanting to be heard. It is near hysteria on social media. Hear me, see me, like me we all screech.



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