Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What life taught me today

I am brave. I really am.

There's no point writing a book and then not wanting people to read it. Apparently if you write a book then you do believe in it... and yourself on some level. So stop doing battle with yourself. Let everyone know you have a book...and let them decide if they want to buy it! No really! You do not need to make apologies for it...and if people say it's good they mean it. They could just say nothing.

To be gentle and forgiving of myself. Other people tend to be a lot nicer to me, than I am to myself.

I have many, many supporters in this world, and touch many lives for good. I have inspired 5 women to get painting again. And have taught a lot of women more about their cycles, and the Crazy Woman.

I don't always get it right. Understatement! But I live to love and laugh another day.

What did life teach you today?


  1. Totally. It's important to do that even though if you're not comfortable with it; how else will your book help more women?

    This prompts me to say that I'm enjoying your writing and learning a lot from your book although I've only just started reading.

    I love the idea of working with your cycle, which I always do although your book has made me ponder on it in more depth.

    I know I get my most creative in the days immediately following my period and always look my best a week later :)

    One anomaly is that I always seem to end up starting most of my freelance copywriting jobs the week of my period even though it's the last thing I want to do then! Why would that be do you think? It doesn't make sense to me...

  2. Thanks Anna.

    No idea in response to your question. But knowing that this is true for you is key. Especially if you are freelance. Let your cycle, your body be your first and greatest teacher. My little blue book should only be an initial prompt to your own innate and infinite wisdom. X

  3. Life has taught me today that wherever I go and whatever I do, it is so important to remember to come from a place of love. Thank you for being all of You and sharing your heart with all of us.

    With love,

  4. What did life teach me today? that I am magic, that I am a wonderful woman and that those people around me today, do not really know me, even though they are my family, they only see the person they think I am. Yesterday was my Nans 90th birthday, and I dressed down, so that no one would comment on my clothes, I hid myself from them to protect myself. I hid myself in dark blue, I hid the fact that it was the first day of my period,and i was completely drained by the end of the day. I ate bad things because they were there, to keep me going. It may sound selfish, and I dont care if it does, yesterday I sacrificed my well being, so today I am doing what I want to do. I have to go again to see them all today, with an added Big sister, so that will be a challenge, but with my colourful armour on, I can beat them. Creative Rainbow Mama and Crazy Woman are the same person, just different aspects, and neither of them like to be oppressed!

    Love this blog, every post is inspiring and I hope my copy of your book comes today. :)


  5. Alia, Suzanne, thank you both, your open hearted comments lifted me when I needed it. X



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