Friday, March 23, 2012

All in a morning's work...

Three kids breakfasts.
Two packed lunches.
One pooey nappy.

1000 more words of Creative Rainbow mama book written

30 questionnaires cut up and categorised by chapter - thank you all you dear Creative Rainbow mamas who contributed.

And, of course, these... 

I think I deserve my lunch!


  1. Wow!! those are beautiful Lucy! and fab news on the writing too, soo looking forward to your books.

    Thank you for the Joy Pockets too! I have been doing something similar, everyday I write down things i have achieved, sometimes its mundane things like cleaning the kitchen floor other times its "finished Lady of Spring" I call it "Bringing back the Light" started it at the Winter Solstice, but now the light is here and growing intently, maybe it needs a name change, like "nourishment for the soul" or maybe "Maintaining the balance" now that Light is more dominant. hmmm I shall ponder! Thank you for this blog (again) tis such a "stop thinking about it and do it" encourager!


    1. called it "The Greening" until its next evolvement (is that a word?) in it I have put a Balance, if something bad happens in a day, then I find something good that happened, no matter how small, to redress the balance.

  2. LOVE that Suzanne- may well borrow it in my own life - thank you for sharing xx

    1. you are most welcome! have a wonderful day xx



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