Sunday, March 11, 2012

Active Birth - Mothering the Earth

According to many 2012 is the year of the end. Of Life, the Universe and Everything. To quote Douglas Adams.

Nah! I don't buy it!

But what if it were the year of birth? The year of possibility. The year where we acted to co-create the sort of world we do want to live in? An opportunity to stop saying what we believed and really, truly lived it - all day, every day? What if we took 2012 as the marker in the sand. A symbol. To co-create the death of the old and the birth of a new world?

As those of us who are parents know - growing a fully mature adult isn't the work of a day or a month. It is the work of a life time: growing, tending, loving, hoping, praying. The first step goes on unseen. The dividing of cells, the multiplication of life in the dark womb of hope. So let us become pregnant with our visions for a world remade - one where equity and fairness are the norm , where beauty and caring are endemic. Let us apply the same skills that we give to our mothering to the world. Let's actively birth the world we want for  our children, using everything we have learnt thus far along the way from our pregnancies, birthing and mothering.

There is a movement just launched which suggests just this. Fronted by Barbara Marx Hubbard (and nicely linked to the launch of her new book and TV channel !) March 22nd (Spring equinox) is the day of conscious conception. The next nine months are gestation. Followed by the birth, at winter solstice of a new vision of the world in action. It is no coincidence that this is close to Christmas and many other festivals of light, as well as the official end of the Mayan calendar.
We're putting out a global call for visionaries, healers, change agents, artists, pioneers and lovers of humanity (like you!) to join us for our free Conception Day 2012 
Join visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, plus Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lynne McTaggart and other top transformational leaders - all sharing their insights on how we can make best use of 2012, empowering you to envision and conceive a new story for humanity. 
Conception Day 2012 is the launch of our nine-month campaign that builds towards a planetary Birth Day, in which we're envisioning 100 million converging worldwide to celebrate and activate the birth of a new era. 
This historic campaign has already attracted top leaders, dozens of organizations and the buzz of 65,000 participants in past events, who want to help our world turn the corner in time. 
And now we take it to the next level on Thursday, March 22nd - cocreating a field of love and resonance that spans the world! Get all the details and register for free here:

And I think hell yeah - putting her self-publicity aside - this is a great idea. Imagine, dear dreamers if you will, if this energy co-incided with the renewed spring energy of the Occupy Movement - and other yet to be known coalitions. If rather than thinking we can't, we just did. We made our voices heard, lived our dreams for a better world out loud, connected ever further with others, did our thing... what if we all did this together, at the same time... what would happen?

The answer is we don't know... but what have we got to lose? If we're living the way we always wanted to live, and doing all we can do to live mindfully, sustainably, creatively, joyfully, co-creating supportive social and environmental structures and speaking our truths, uncovering lies, in every way we can - if we do this - and nothing else happens but that we're happier - then we have gained everything.

But the chances are if you do it, then you will impact your family, your community, many of those you come in contact with...

I'm in!

In the year of abundant rainbows I'm doing it creatively and with money already - and I'm leading a workshop here in Cork on April 15th to help empower women in truth telling and owning their power (a little self promotion of my own there!) The Dalai Lama says that the hope for the future of the world lies in the hands of western women - I tend to agree with him!

How about you - are you in?


  1. there is the new spring energy around, leaves bursting forth from the hedgerows, butterflies and bees around, seeking out the first pollens, and here we are feeling it in our bones. it is a time for conception, I dreamed last week that I was 6 weeks pregnant (no chance of that in reality) but perhaps I am growing something inside. My Crazy Woman journal is getting more and more written into it and it is edgeing towards the Motherhood end of things, ie as in all aspects of the Mother, and the Woman/Female. Also this morning in a dream, I heard someone singing "Earth Chant" by Seize the Day, and as I joined in, so did a thousand voices. So when taking my Rowan (staffy) for a walk this morning I sang to the Earth, and then sang Mother I feel you under my feet on the way back. If this helps in some tiny way, then thats fabulous, if not, then Knitterstone Clee is my contribution to this xxx

    Love what you do xx

  2. You are most definitely in! Yes, yes to the rising spring energy. Thank you for sharing YOUR dreams. So glad the Crazy Woman work is happening for you - and here's to your gestation, to whatever you are cradling in your womb. x

  3. Go MF - I knew I could count on you! Package ready to post tomorrow xx

  4. This is such a brilliant idea - I am definitely in!

    I am *so* feeling the sense of Spring everywhere. Of course it really helped that it was unusually warm today and so I got to spend a whole day pottering around the garden with my partner and my cats.

  5. I believe that there will be a 2012 shift because so many people focus on it. And as it - as I think - has nothing to do with mayan calenders or prophecy but with so many of us - setting these intentions.
    And its clear that I love the view of conception and birth :) Thats no surprise :)

    I just registered to this event too, which you too might find interesting:

    lovely Greetings,

  6. A great post and it gave me goosebumps reading it. Change is definitely in this glorious Spring air and women are truly ready to join together and make a difference, I can't wait to see where it leads us all ♥

  7. 2012 has felt differnt since the word go. Lots of things are changing for me, I hope the same can be true for the earth and our olanetary community. X

  8. Beautiful. Barbara has been part of Shift Network and other programs for quite some time now. They produced an online audio Peace conference (free also) last year that was amazing!!!! I'm looking forward to this. Perhaps some champers is in order for our Birth Celebration?! Love, love and more love to you Lucy, and to all who share through your beautiful site.



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