Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full moon: Shining bright on International Women's Day

Grandmother moon glows bright. It is the first time I have seen her in her fullness for two months. Last month was so cloudy, the month before I was sick. But this month, driving home as she rose, we could not help but follow her glow down to the sea where my son frolicked in the waves and I drew a labyrinth in the sand which we both walked.

This month I echo her fullness. I shine as brightly as she. I feel that the clouds in my life have pulled back.

Tonight I was honoured by my family at a special dinner to celebrate the birth of my book.

I am so deeply touched to the responses that I am getting from women about it. When asked what my book is about, I balk and take a deep breath before divulging the topic. And then the magic happens. Without fail. With women aged 20, 40, 60, or 84 the silence is broken. They share stories and feelings. Women who only five minutes before were strangers, and women who have known me since before I was born.

This effect is exacerbated when women read it. My openness, my vulnerability in writing the book, the topic invites reciprocal openness. Stories, thoughts, feelings, drawings, poems are coming my way. Women are opening their hearts and lives to me, sharing what is normally taboo in our culture, with such grace and ease. I am so honoured by them, by this work, by the need, the desire in women for greater self understanding, wholeness, self love, connection, healing.

Two wonderful posts have appeared this week on the book.

Erin, at Starving Artist Ink and Laura at Nestled Under Rainbows. Do hot foot it along to these two very special blogs.

Today is also International Women's Day. I share my blessings dear sisters, to all women around the world on todays post over at The Happy Womb

Love to you all.


  1. I stopped my busy life and sung to the moon last night. It hung in the sky so beautifully.

  2. i manifested with the full moon last night. setting intentions. claiming my power and skill, unquestioning. owning.

  3. I do not feel like celebrating my cycle too much right now... my period has just started and this is the time of the month when my arthritis gets worse and worse, to the point where I cry for not being able to lift up my baby, who in turn sits crying from the pain of molars piercing their way through her tiny jaws...together we weep and worry.
    But I will buy your book (because I see you as my friend and that is what friends do) and I hope it might guide us to better days ahead....

  4. PS and yes I want it signed!

  5. Your book arrived two days ago and it was perfect timing as I had just finished my last read. I couldn't possibly comment until I finish the whole lot but already it has spoken volumes to me so thank you!

  6. @ Erin and Things Hand Made - sounds wonderful
    @Karien - enormous loving mama hugs coming to you - have emailed you x
    @Angela - Thank you - I am delighted it is speaking to you.

  7. After all the solar disruptiveness yesterday, and the chaotic mood it seemed to bring, the moon was such a welcome friend last night! Your book is so implant because it brings women back to deeper awareness of themselves, in a different light to how they have viewed themselves perhaps thus far. Knowing all the different phases and making friends with them all, seeing them for what they are, bring peace to my mind, without doubt! Watch out for an appreciation post soon! xxx

  8. yay! and one is on its way to me too! I too spent some time with the Moon last night, beautiful and shining and sharing. being IWD too I felt it was even more special, all the women in my life, on a week by week basis, I saw today, and secretly honoured them while in their company, at the Knit and Knatter I run, I made them cups of tea and read some of Carolyn Hillyers book "Sacred House" to them, a small portion called "Old Caroline" they asked if I could read something at every session from now on!! wow! and then at Slimming World, where I get encouragement to stay on a healthy eating path, all the women there were giggling and sharing their stories of the week. All beautiful women, and all part of my life, including this blog, such an inspiration xxx all the best to all of you


  9. Yeah, MF, weird flipping solar stuff - really buggered up my interneting yesterday.

    Mrs T love the sound of your Knit and Knatter - and reading aloud - joy - do read my book one day! It went off in the post today!

  10. Thanks so much for my signed will be accompanying me to my women's group to show it off. Its been a lovely IWD, my daughters first peace march and my first meeting with other IWD loving women in West Wales!

    Its been a powerful moon which has brought some big changes my way!! I am learning to be accepting of the surprises life throws at me!

    Love and blessings to all women, Rachael xxx

    PS is the front cover your art Lucy- its lovely :)



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