Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My nights are cut in pieces
The fabric of sleep shattered
By wails and wriggles
A hallucinatory no-time
Between wake and sleep
Suspended in longing for darkness and dreams
For silence and space.
Here I lie.
Crammed between two bodies that need me.
That call me their mother.
What am I?
I cannot feel myself.
I hold my aching body as still as I can
To ensure a little longer before another woken child
Another dose of medicine, glass of water, mopped brow, held body.
Here I lie, my brain writing masterpieces in the darkness
Words which evaporate with the dawn
The day is here once more, but sleep has eluded me once again.
I yearn for it like a lover.


  1. The ash of your thoughts will feed the forest floor and strengthen and nourish the next generation of sapling thoughts and writings. They are never wasted. Your love and care for your children is not wasted either, it feeds their souls for tomorrow. It is not in vain. Rest and love yourself dear one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You do want needs to be done and sometimes thats the opposite of what our tired mama bodies want/need. I hear you. But yes, when those little ones are not so feverish and restless look after yourself mama, the gods know you need it.
    Much love x

  3. I see and hear you.
    I shall bear witness.
    You are not alone.
    Simply Being is enough.
    One breath at a time.

    (haiku to remind you, you are loved)

  4. So very powerful. Thank you.

  5. This is very beautifully written. <3



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