Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 - The Year of Abundant Rainbows!

I have this sense that 2012 is going to be the year of abundance. The Year of Abundant Rainbows is the phrase that came to me!

Which is ironic because on paper, our earnings are set to be at least a third lower than last year...

Yes, the year of abundant rainbows indeed!

Which means...

Rainbow colours... check out my Pinterest board

And painting again, for the first time in more than a decade. I signed up for the Bloom True e-course with Flora Bowley - and my juices are flowing already after so long of being dammed - LOVE her work (see below), love her blog, love the look of the e-course. Am now deliberating, fantasising about what paint colours to purchase. Feels good to be back in the painting groove.

Flora Blowley Painting 

Abundant rainbow streams of income... diverse little trickles of goodness in multiple forms, from multiple sources, enriching our life.

Diverse creative outlets and practices. Creative work being birthed out into the world.

The gold at the end of the rainbow even!

After the purging and pruning back and darkness of The Year of Enough - there will be energy aplenty to allow the colours to shine through. Where 2010 and 2011 were building up, then breaking down what we had. And cleansing and crashing down old established patterns and relationships to find a clearer, new way of being in the world more grounded in our own truths and a sloughing away of old allegiances which no longer serve us.

Get your hippy stuff on and embrace with me The Year of Abundant Rainbows! And full moon tonight.

In the gift world you do things, but nothing you do is " work" in the sense that we've come to think of it, because your security and your identity dont come fro. What you accumulate as a result of your identity. Instead, you give your efforts freely, accruing no obvious security or bolstering to your separate ego-self. As you give in this manner. Your wants and needs are mysteriously met in delightful and magical ways by the universe." Awesome Your Life.

 Oh yeah!


  1. Heck yes to this! I could have written some of the same things to assess 2010 & 2011! It feels amazing to say this will be the year of abundant rainbows. May it be so!

  2. Aaah sweet synchronicity!

    I too felt 2010 and 2011 to be years of breaking down, reassessing and deep delving into the very foundations of my life and being.

    The Tower card made manifest.

    2012 is already glowing in new colours.
    A rainbow of abundance indeed.

    Soul-happy to be on the same wavelength, sweet Lucy.

    the goddess known as Jacqui

  3. I just took up the paints between Christmas and New Years, and scrawled on a canvas the words:

    Dance with abandon

    The rest of the painting has yet to come together. But there may be rainbows.

  4. Ha sweet synchronicity indeed Seonaid and Jacqui!

  5. Been painting all over the house in my imagination.....perhaps I'll grow some cojones and paint those door frames gold or the beams on my kitchen ceiling in the multi-colours I keep painting them in my head! But then again, we may move house this year..... who will buy a crazy painted house?

  6. Oh I love Rainbows! I'm dedicating some time this year to create art love it! I'm going to get my hippy stuff on :)

  7. YAY, this just put me in the best mood! I'm totally feeling it, too - I sense the abundance of 2012 big time!

  8. Such gorgeous colours, Lucy! May all the rainbow abundance you could possibly dream of be yours in 2012 :-)

    Blessings - TANJA

  9. Love your powerful statement - "And cleansing and crashing down old established patterns and relationships to find a clearer, new way of being in the world more grounded in our own truths and a sloughing away of old allegiances which no longer serve us."



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