Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogoversary Giveaway!

I am celebrating one year of the Dreaming Aloud blog! 
Oh what a journey it has been! And oh how wonderful it has been to share it with you all. I couldn't have guessed how much brighter and fuller my would become as a blogger. I have so appreciated your support, your insight and enthusiasm over the past year. Dreaming Aloud would not be what it is without you all. Over the next few days I shall be reflecting on the year... and looking forwards to what my new writing year holds... But for now, to say thank you, I have the most super-dee-dooper giveaway... 
My very favourite purveyors of herbal delights (in the most bee-you-ti-ful packaging around). Pukka is my tea of choice here at the Pink House, as all my friends know! Which is why I wanted to share them with you - it is the closest I can get to having you round for a cuppa and a chat at the Pink House.

So the wonderful people at Pukka, when they heard about Dreaming Aloud's celebration, wanted to get on board and offer one very lucky reader, a very, special prize...

Read on to find out more...
Firstly, a jar of the truly magical "she who has a hundred husbands" Shatavari - the supreme ayurvedic women's herb (see here for my post on it). I was blown away by the response to this post, so I really wanted a way to share it with you. I only wish I could give you all a jar.
But that's not all! This very lucky reader will also be receiving a YEAR's supply of their glorious teas - 12 boxes of divine Pukka teas - which are organic and fairly traded and blended by expert herbalists - full of yummy goodness and nothing artificial. They are, quite literally, pukka! The prize includes all of my favourites: 

Revitalise: (cinnamon, cardamon and ginger) which warms you in every way and sets you up for another few hours of mama-ing.
Harmonise: with exotic rose, vanilla and shatavari to help to to feel the love inside! 
Cleanse: with nettle, fennel and peppermint to clear your skin - I also used it to support     breastmilk production when I was ill.
Love With romantic rose and lavender warm the heart, elderflower and chamomile to soothe. Three mint: Great to for the digestion after a big meal.
 Lemongrass and ginger: to refresh and revive you.
 Green chai : green tea with sweet cinnamon and star anise.

 Original chai : black tea with cinnamon and cardamom, lovely served sweet and milky!

 Vanilla chai:  black tea with cinnamon and sweet vanilla.
 Relax: with organic chamomile, fennel & marshmallow root tea - great at bedtime!
 Refresh: organic peppermint, fennel & rose tea: to uplift & balance.
 Detox: organic aniseed, fennel & cardamom tea: to cleanse & revive.

Can I enter myself??? Unfortunately not! But you can, and this is how...

You can do any, or all of the below... each counts as one entry... but only if you let me know that you have entered (and how!) in the comments box below! (Be sure to check terms and conditions below!)

*"Like" Dreaming Aloud on Facebook if you haven't already
* "Like" my new Facebook page, if you haven't already
* Visit  and sign up as a follower, so you're right there as this wonderful new resource for women comes to life...
* Tell me your three top Dreaming Aloud posts of the year in the comments box below
* Tell me what you love about Dreaming Aloud and what keeps you coming back for more
* Share this giveaway on your Facebook page 
* Share this giveaway on your blog

And as an extra goodie for another lucky reader...
My favourite comment gets a special little Dreaming Aloud selection of Pukka teas in a handcrafted pouch direct from the Pink House!
GOOD LUCK to you all!

Let's all celebrate over a cup of Love, Revitalise or Harmonise! Vist to check out their wonderful selection of herbal teas and supplements to support you in vibrant health this winter. And if you're interested in ayurveda they have a great online quiz to find your dosha type and get you started in ayurvedic healing.

A little more about Pukka Herbs... 

Translated from Hindi to mean ‘authentic’, ‘genuine’ or, more colloquially, ‘top-quality’, ‘Pukka’ epitomises all that we represent – our ethos, ambition and everything we create. 
Founders –  Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell – who were brought together by a mutual interest in promoting wellbeing. Sebastian was a qualified practitioner in ayurveda and Chinese and Western herbal medicine and an avid herb grower. Started with little finance, but plenty of passion, we’ve grown Pukka on our beliefs in ayurveda – the ancient Indian art of living wisely – and the incredible health benefits of organic herbs. 

As we grow, our reliance on nature increases. With this in mind, we respect our relationship with the land by using herbs from organic and sustainable sources, enjoying long-term and fair-trade bonds with our suppliers. We are proud to say that all our herbs and products are certified organic by the Soil Association and the USDA* and can all be traced back to the field in which they were grown.  We make regular visits to the farmers we work with to learn from as well as educate them. Like all relationships, it’s a two-way thing.

Terms and conditions:
*Giveaway closes 8pm (GMT), Sunday 6th November. 
*The Pukka winner will be drawn at random form eligible entries and announced on the blog on Monday 7th November.
*Entrants must be over 18 years old. 
* The Pukka giveaway excludes residents of US, Canada and Japan (so sorry, that is the limit of Pukka's delivery policy!). The Pink House goodie bag is open to all!
* The exact contents of the prize may differ due to stock availability at time of dispatch. Pukka will endeavor to ensure it is as similar as possible to the advertised prize.


  1. Wowsers! What an awesome giveaway Lucy! I am drinking a cup of Love tea as I type.... I *adore* Pukka teas. And have just started using the shatavari... can;t say I'm quite up for 100 husbands yet but it has definitely regulated my cycles a little.

    Shared on my blog, FB and FB page.

    You know why I love you, and why I keep coming back! You have the ability to make me smile whatever my day holds, and you have a beautiful, raw take on the world that is both refreshing and enlightening. Keep writing! :) x

  2. i only came to wish you a happy blogoversary. congrats on a wonderful year and blog. you've consistently written thought-provoking posts that have been vulnerable and authentic. keep it going.

    anyway, then i saw free tea for a year! as a tea/chai addict, um, i can't not enter.

    i totally missed the happy womb!

  3. Well I've already 'liked' Dreaming Aloud and the Happy Womb on facebook and already 'follow' The Happy Womb and I would find it impossible to choose 3 favourite posts - I love it all, so I will generously share this post on Facebook and therefore reduce my chances of winning this fabulous giveaway! :)

  4. Dreaming Aloud has partly been what's kept me sane this year! It has been a portal to so much positive, fabulousness! Well done for reaching the 1 year mark, and for everything you've achieved this year, you are a national Irish treasure in the making. X

  5. P.S I motherfunkin' love de PUKKA!

  6. I have subscribed to the Happy Womb (I love the look of it, its beautiful) I already follow this blog and like on Facebook, I shared your link on my facebook.
    I loved the blogs on sustainable living, and i always enjoy joy pockets....
    I asked my dad to make me a wooden box for my tea for christmas this year, so this would be a great prize so i could fill it!!!

  7. Wow, Lucy, what a generous give away. Ever since I read you post on Shatvari, I've been on the hunt for some here locally. I'm following both your FB pages, tweeted and shared on my FB page! The three posts that I loved were, "She who has a hundred Husbands", "Today's Random Acts of Beauty", and I enjoy your "Joy Pockets".

  8. Hi! I am Erin with Indiana Coupon Savings. I wanted to invite you to my win it weekend link up. You can link up your giveaways by going here

    I am also your newest GFC follower. I hope that you can follow me too!! Thanks, Erin

  9. What a lovely giveaway! Being a Naturopath, I love my herbal teas, and you can never have too many :-). I'm already a liker of Dreaming Aloud and the Happy Womb on FB, I've shared the post on FB and I've signed up as a follower of the Happy Womb. I loved when you revisited your post on Women's Circles (which I've subsequently shared with my own Dark Moon Circle), the post on Shatavari as it's one of my favourite women's herbs and also your post about Radical Homemaking as it described me almost exactly (in regards to having the anti-tidy gene :-)). I love your posts, not only because you write beautifully, but also because you speak from the heart and this shines though in all aspects of your work :-). Bright Blessings, Kirily )O(

  10. hey - congratuation on your blogaversary : ) I've been quietly reading from the sidelines for a while now, and what brings me back is your genuine, honest, and often reassuring posts. Particularly about motherhood. I really like the authenticity of your writing too.

    I'm no good at giveaways and generally don't go in for them, but Pukka is amazing, and I love their products. So I will be shameless and enter this time.

    Hey - wasn't aware you're on FB - will "like" you for sure.

    Best wishes and blessings

  11. wow what agreat give away. Hmmm my fav posts this year, I loved the letter one, random acts of kindness and the cherry blossom one... I love your blog so much Lucy, you write so beautifully and have put into words many very deep feelings I have. I also love your humour and your outlook on life. I would love to win this, as you know I have just discovered ayurveda and it's been pretty health (if not life) changing for me. Much love to you dear friend x x

  12. Congratulations!

    And how lovely you think of us instead of us giving you pressies on your anniversary. Although, I might have one coming for you as well: remember the mummy who handles a 100 kids tea? I made a recipe and am loving it... It is on my blog, but unfortunately in dutch, give me some time and I'll translate for you!
    I just bought the Shatavari, but hey, new stock is welcome, let alone year's supply of the tea, yes! I was already liking/ following you on facebook, now checked out (&liked!) your Happy womb... I will share your giveaway as well.

    I love Dreaming Aloud because you get under my skin, you think my thoughts sometimes even before I do!

    My favourite posts? I need to read back. There were quite a few... the letter one where you quit def. Will get back to you about that.

  13. Ah, my other two favourite posts: The layer cake and She who handles a 100 husbands!

  14. liked you and your other page on facebook... and what I like about your blog? the simplicity. just plain wonderful.

  15. oh but drat! I'm in the US. but think you are awesome all the same!

  16. Hello :)

    Am already following you on FB as Dreaming Aloud and The Happy Womb (And I think I'm liking you as me and as my FYP page!)

    Am now following The Happy Womb website, and have shared the competition on my FYP FB page. Can't share it on my blog, unfortunately, but will share it on Twitter if that helps (will do so anyway :D)

    I love your blog because it makes me think about my consciousness and about how to help my children be more mindful and conscious too. My favourite posts in this vein are:

    The Thought Birds

    Full Moon: The last big shift is here - I go loopy when it's the full moon, so good to read more about it and understand the cycles more

    The Path to Me - because I am also fully on my own spiritual path now, and loving it :)

  17. well Luce I would love to win all those teas, I already have one of each in my cupboard, as there is a pukka tea for every mood, every tummy moment I have!I have like your latest blog already, I like the sound of it.. promising good things to come and your posts are so real, so honest and so much a part of peoples thoughts that they often dont put into words, so its lucky you do! Love your new autumnal photo too - looking gorgeous!

  18. Liked on FB - what's not to like about a years worth of free tea to keep @greenaproness happy!

  19. I like your openness and honesty.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Shared the giveaway, Lucy - thanks for a lovely offer!! I keep coming back because there is just so much original stuff to read, and there's always something new. Incredibly creative, productive, inspiring and insightful...I am in awe of your energy. Keep it up and enjoy the next chapter xxx

  21. i blogged it too


  22. i have just found you through Monica... i am not on facebook ( seriously) so the only thing i can do is follow your blog, keep visiting, `couse it looks realy cool, and hope for the best ; )

  23. Okay, Okay, I'll post a comment.
    Because I'm a cheap hoor and have run out of tea, I have:
    Liked the Dreaming Aloud on Facebook.
    Liked the Happy Womb on Facebook.
    Shared the Giveaway on Facebook.
    My three favourite posts were:
    The one where hubby and baby shared at the teat of milky goodness.
    The one where you were planning to murder your entire family.
    The one where you said my blog was brilliant.
    I don't really come back for more because, well, I'm not a woman and, let's face it, this is a very female place. Very, very female.
    And I should win the prize because then you don't have to post it to me saving yourself a couple of quid.
    Ta dah!
    Right, me and what's left of my dignity are off to the pub.

  24. Thank you ALL for the love, the shares, and the exciting!! Just a reminder that entries are open till next weekend, so do tell your friends!

  25. Happy blogoversary!! I just came across your blog through a magazine you were writing for, it's such a lovely blog and this is an AMAZING giveaway!!! eh em...can you tell I drink a LOT of pukka tea :P

    I have:

    liked the happy womb on facebook
    like dreaming aloud on facebook
    signed up to follw happy womb

    My faveourite posts have to be Poo doula, why home births rock and the post with the photo of the dandelions!

    I will be back because I love listening/reading to women who offer an alternative way of thinking instead of just going with the blah flow. (The blah flow= the normal and at times mindless way of doing things).

    Thanks for a lovely read x

  26. ps Just read your Living Philosophy. That's what I meant when I referred to not going with the 'blah flow'! Clearly you have a much more eloquent way of expressing yourself haha

  27. Thanks for this competitino, Lucy - I've liked you on Facebook, and shared about the competition there too, plus signed up for posts at the Happy Womb... so that should be three entries if I haven't left it too late!

    Blessings - TANJA

  28. Pukka make some of my favourite tea and Dreaming Aloud is one of my favourite blogs - the perfect partnership here Lucy...

    So, I:

    > Already like D.A on FB
    > Liked The Happy Womb on FB
    > Now follow Happy Womb
    > Shared on FB
    > My top 3 posts have been: Rainbow Mothers and Earth Mothers, Radical Homemakers Series and the post about falling in love with your daughter over time
    > I love your blog because you're so passionate about so many things I'm also passionate about (writing, mothering, women's souls, sustainability, food and more!) and you express yourself passionately with so much feeling and in way that really resonates with me. I always loved your Juno column and your writing style so I searched for your blog before it even existed. I was thrilled to find it a year ago and it inspired me to launch my own this year.

    Thank you and love - Anna



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