Sunday, October 9, 2011

The autumn striptease

De-du-de-duh , de duh de duh!

If you listen carefully enough, you will hear Patricia the Stripper is playing.

With each coyly turning leaf, and cool morning breath, this is the suggestive feel of autumn.

How I long to cling to the warmth of summer. Or the fantasy of that warmth. To days on the beach, sexy bikinis...

But seeing as the trees feel free to disrobe themselves with gay abandon.

I thought I should too!

Dum, de-de, dum de-de!!

Fewer committments

A sloughing down of the soul

A winding down of worry

To cosy into winter, into my warm winter fur coat (shhh! no knickers!)

And there I shall sit, by the crackling fire. finally doing my patchwork,

Making blackberry jam

Settling down into my bones



  1. What an image! Lovely... I LOVE Autumn. Though it seems to have been so brief this year, leaves bypassed their colourful phase and have turned brown, here anyway...

  2. Ah I do love you. I was giggle snorting to myself reading this, hehe!



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