Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Raspberries in October

Nothing says abundance like ripe raspberries in October.

Wandering around the garden, the golden leaves falling from the trees in ever greater numbers each day, the smell of damp, a lone wasp searching out a home for the winter.

And there, in the midst of decline, glowing in the chill autumn sunlight a full cane of ruby red raspberries, sweet and sharp, whispers of summer to my tongue.

And it struck me with full force: this is the abundance of the Universe writ large. Bounty on branches of thorns, hidden in a forgotten corner of the garden.

Go, go look for the raspberries in your life. The moments of sweet juicy perfection, unbidden abundance. They are there, right under your nose, just waiting for you to spot, pick and savour them!


  1. Excellent photo and amazing beautiful raspberries in Oct ~ thanks, carol ^_^

  2. Yes we found Autumn raspberries in a friend's garden a few days ago! My little 15m old who loves breastmilk far too much to leave room in her tummy for any other food (!) ate every single ripe one we could find and would only leave the garden when we promised to come back in a few days when more will have ripened! Yes bountiful nature - glorious! X



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