Friday, August 30, 2013

Teachings from the Buddha Boy

My boy, only just eight, has been sharing incredible wisdom and insight with me the last couple of weeks. I keep being completely in awe of what comes out of his mouth. Words that have brought pricks of proud tears to my eyes.

I'd  love to write something inspiring and eloquent about it - but I am busy on a lot of other things at the mo, and also don't want to overshadow his voice - I shall share his insight with you in his words.

The first instance we were driving down the road and the teenage lads were hanging out in the middle of the road. I rolled my eyes and muttered under my breath about what a stupid place it was to hang out and he says: "They just haven't found their path yet". Boom!

Another day we were talking about his feelings about going back to school. He's grown his hair, and we told him he needed some way to keep it off his face for games and reading etc. He decided on a bandanna, but was concerned the other kids would laugh. We talked a little about what he could say to them if they did. And I told him that if he was going to choose to be a bit different in life, he was going to come across this feeling many times hence forth. And he says: "But we're all different. It's important that we're different. If we were all the same there wouldn't be enough things for us all to do." I paraphrase - he was much more eloquent.

And three, I was talking about how I'd met a nice mum at the school gates, and how often I felt quite uncomfortable talking to the other mums cos they were looking at me, making judgements about my differentness and he said, I kid you not: "But you should ask them: "Do you know who I am?" And who am I? I asked, thinking he was going to say "Stephen Pearce's daughter". But no, you know what my boy said? "Lucy H Pearce, the writer." (With a special emphasis on the H). Oh yes. I am Lucy H Pearce the writer, so don't give me no shit school mamas!

And finally, you may remember me last week asking for your recommendations for books for my boy's spiritual education at school, whilst his classmates were preparing for their holy communion. I sent him in with something Ok-ish and said I was on the case, just hadn't found anything great yet. And you know what my wise, clever, inspired boy said. Something that had never occurred to me. Just so matter of fact: "But you can write me a book, mum". Just like that.

So I am!


  1. Isn't it amazing when we think having children is all about imparting our wisdom to them, and then it turns out it's the other way around?

  2. Yup, I have leant so much from kids! My middle one in particular.

    ......and "know " you as Lucy....the author. I didn't know you were Stephen Pearces daughter. We came to Ireland for our holiday this year and went to the pottery at Shanagarry. I never made the link. I bought a beautiful bowl that just " spoke" to me and it now sits on my window sill with tomatoes ripening in it.
    What a talented family you are.

    1. Oh mama! So we could have met... I live in that village - nooooooooooooooo! Yup, he's my dad, I've spent my life being "Stephen's daughter", can't wait till he gets recongised at Lucy H Pearce's father!!!! Not sure where you're based, if you're from the US you've probably come across my Uncle Simon, who has a big handblown glass business in Vermont, and my cousin Kevin, the world champion snowboarder who had a serious brain injury in a fall during training for the last Winter Olympics. I'm third generation of creatively self-employed people on both sides of my family - potters, artists, textile artists and seamstresses and this generation we're adding musician, actor, author and jewelery maker to the mix!

  3. we are ardent supporters of the timmy fan club here as you well know, what a wise wee man he is!



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