Friday, April 19, 2013

What if my life were a prayer?

What if my life were a prayer?

Those words floated into my mind this morning. The sun was streaming in the kitchen window over the greening trees and courting birds, and I felt my spirit rise to meet it.

What if my life is a prayer?

What would it be saying? What is it communicating?

Sometimes it is desperate, begging and pleading. Often it is bargaining. Quite often it is not giving thanks. Often it is spewing darkness and displeasure, angst and anger. What prayers to be emitting into the Universe.  Law of attraction-ists say that every thought, every word and deed brings call back in like-minded energy to us. Have I been praying darkness?

What if my life were a prayer?

I have spent so many years wondering to whom, whom am I praying any way? Who is the CEO of this god business or is there one at all? But despite my god or goddess being nameless, faceless and churchless, I have never, ever, ever doubted prayer. Ever. Prayer has continued, in grief and gratitude, in hope and blessing.

Prayer is. Prayer works. Whatever god you do or don't believe in. Whatever spirits or guides or angels or higher selves you choose to petition. We get so caught up in the what, which will never be able to prove any way. Or in form and formality.

Imagine if with every breath, every movement it was a prayer - of joy, of gratitude, of petition for guidance, of begging for forgiveness, of blessing, of petition for others. Every breath. Every movement. Every thought.


What if your life were a prayer?


  1. My dear friend Gemma told me that if I needed to summon some extra strength, courage, guidance etc whilst attending a birth this week, I could call on archangel gabriel - protector of birthing women, midwives and doulas.... and you know what? i think he heard me.... xxx

  2. I know what you mean but I'm not sure how I personally feel about the word prayer ... I read somewhere recently, can't for the life of me remember where, that prayer is a definite asking or request, whereas meditation (which is what I practice) is opening so I may see for myself. I understand the loose sense people use the word prayer and that it is universal but I still don't choose to use it myself. So thinking about it swapping words ... What if my life were a meditation ... now that has got me thinking. Thanks Lucy X

  3. Oh good call Rose ... what if my life were a meditation? I guess for me prayer is a combination of the intuitive and words, both which are my chosen means of communication, whereas meditation require "nothingness" which often gets me working to hard to not think of anything, if you know what I mean. I have managed to make private prayer my own. We each have different "hot spots" and no go areas and they are after all, all just words for the untouchable, unknowable - but it is that sense of reverent mindful attention and gratitude.Glad it has got you thinking. xx



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