Friday, March 22, 2013

Joy Pockets

It's Friday, it's Joy Pockets - haven't done them for ages! Apologies for it being so quiet round here on the writing front, I have been up to my eyes editing The Rainbow Way. It's nearly, nearly done, my part of it, any way, before I send it to the publishers at the end of April. I'm hoping to get it out for testimonials before I go away next week - eek! It's going out to a LOT of my heroines. Fingers crossed for me!

Freshly baked ginger cake for breakfast (get my recipe here!)
 Looking forward to our all-girl adventure on an airplane - Meli's first time - we're off to see Granny!!
Spring flowers
Easter holidays
A warm house on a stormy day
The Dance of the Dissident Daughter (anyone here read it?)
That my daughter wants to be an artist when she grows up
Nearly finished the biggest writing project I've ever done

What are your gratitudes this week?


  1. Love love love joy pockets.

  2. Gratitudes this week ...

    discovering what a hit homemade veggie sausage rolls are with my kids

    seeing chalk drawings of planets and stars all over the playground as I walked in at pick up time then finding out it was MY boy who drew them

    2 gorgeous days of sunshine

    creating my very own sacred corner in my bedroom

    x x x

  3. Oh Rose, love the chalk drawing one! How magical! And yay for the sacred corner in your bedroom. Really important. I love mine, it's still quite basic - a painting of mine and one of my mum's, a couple of crystals and clear space. It fills my soul every time I see it.

    Thanks for sharing yours x

  4. Having a very nourishing massage this morning followed by half an hour in a cafe all by myself

    A wonderful shared giggling fit with my toddler as we finished our meal last night

    A beautiful equinox walk

    Sling help from the lovely Mamas at the Bristol Natural Parenting group

    That I'm not the only one who sometimes has cake for breakfast!

    Have a good weekend,
    Mo ♥

  5. Oh, love them, Mo! Long live cake for breakfast! Might just do it again today!



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