Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Book Baby

Moon Time is one!

As my first book baby celebrates her first baby she is really standing on her own feet and I am one very proud mama.

She has sold over 500 copies, putting her in the top 1% of self-published books. Sales are rising month on month, and are now at 2 copies a day! Women in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, America, Canada, Brazil, Alaska, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, England, Ireland and South Africa have my book on their shelves, in their bags and beside their beds, with pages turned down, ready to come back to another month. I know because they tell me. They email me every week to tell me how my words have changed their lives.

“Life changing” is a term that comes up a lot in those emails. It is not a term I take lightly. To have made an impact on another woman’s life, one whom I have never met, to have helped shift her self-concept, alleviate her physical suffering with my words, brings tears of gratitude to my eyes every time.That women who don’t even know me take the time to write emails and cards of thanks, sharing their life stories and intimate details touches me profoundly.

My book has been to four festivals and conferences in two countries – in Cork and Dublin in Ireland, and London and Devon in the UK. And every time the response is the same. Women pick her up, cradle her in their hands, and begin to tell me, a complete stranger about their cycles, their body wisdom, their hurt, their pregnancies, and pain, their births and bleeding. This little book is a wonderful ice-breaker to get us women straight into deep personal dialogue.

My little book has been the seed that has started two red tents that I know of and a couple of women’s groups. It has given many women the courage and desire to come off the Pill and have IUDs removed. It has given women the tools to shift their cycles so that they ovulate on the full moon and bleed with the dark. I know all this because they have told me. See what some women have said about it here. 

And then women come back to buy moon dial mandalas, and a copy for their sister or best friend, and woman by woman Moon Time is shared. I am very grateful to have been called to be her mama, constantly aware of how much I do not know – but delighted to be part of her magic.

Thank you to every one of you who have bought a copy, told a friend about it and cheered me on.


  1. wow brilliant, happy birthday, how inspiring :) Ali

  2. I really like this book. I refer to it every month. I have bought another book that you refer to in Moon Time, but it just doesn't have the same affect as "Moon Time". Perhaps this is because I read your blog, Juno columns and other books that it feels like I am reading a book written by someone I "know" (although I don't know you at all) x

    1. Thank you Clare! The reason I wrote Moon Time was for women like me. I learnt a lot from many of the menstrual books out there, but none of them touched me deep, there was always something that did not quite work for me - be it goddess references or lots of stuff about washable menstrual pads, both quite niche things, or they were very scientific and dry. I wanted a book that would share the knowledge of our cycles in a woman to woman way, without your having to "believe" anything, something that was warm and personal and would, hopefully, not make women feel uncomfortable.

      I am touched that you feel it is something by someone you "know" - that means I am being successful in my writing intention of openheartedness. x

  3. Congratulations, Lucy. What a fabulous outcome! Julie

  4. Crivens has it really been a year?? Wow! I shall have to read it again in full in honour of its birthday! It is really one fantastic book, by a truly amazing author xxxx

    Blessings to you and yours


  5. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Moon Time, happy birthday to you!



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