Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sick of being sick

Off to the doctors. For a second round of antibiotics for a persistent chest infection. Was only there two weeks ago. Had a cough in various forms of hideous hackingness since early July. Endless nights up multiple times with girls. Who also have/ have had cough. As does Mr Dreaming Aloud. I have managed to get an ordinary cold layered on top for extra sickly pleasure this time.

I am SO fed up with being sick and lying low. I am taking care of myself, not over doing it, taking as much time in bed as I can, eating well, before you all start mother henning me.

I long to be well.


  1. poor thing, hope you all feel better really soon, much love x x

  2. Hugs Lucy missed seeing you this morning xxx

  3. I'm with you - at least one member of our family has been sick in some way virtually every day since the beginning of September. Its getting old now!!! Hope you're feeling better soon. x

  4. Sending you healing thoughts! I was sick from July to October too - then we moved house and I feel so much better! Drastic I know, but proves my theory that the old place was unhealthy! (damp, draughty, mouldy)

    Which makes me wonder - it sounds like you are doing everything right, so is it something environmental affecting you all?


  5. Get well soon. Thinking of you.



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