Thursday, November 8, 2012

Joy pockets

My pockets of joy in the midst of mundanity this week...

Jennifer Louden, Julie Daley, Indigo Bacal and Ariel Gore signed up to contribute to my next book, The Rainbow Way, - all complete heroines of mine!
Bonfire night sparklers and stories by candlelight
My boy going off with his school on a big bus to watch the older girls team in a football final
Our whole family doing the Gangnam style dance - such fun! 
(Don't know what it is? Then check out the original video!!)
My friend Laura - she's just so special... check out her blog and see why
This exchange:

Ash, in a fierce mad two year old singing voice: "My am a gummy bear...and my blow your house down!"

Timmy "Mum, I don't have any more mayonnaise."

Ash, in 'grown up, auntie Ash' mode:" Yes you do, sweetheart, it's there!"
Colouring mandalas with my Meli girl
Watching George of the Jungle with the kids and hearing them warn him every time he's about to crash into a tree
A wonderful five-year-old's birthday party, like proper parties should be!

What are yours this week? Please do share them below and come by to Holistic Mama to link up.


  1. Lying down in a field of crunchy fallen leaves with a friend just to talk....and having them all stick to our sweaters, so when we got up we looked like scarecrows.

    A long, sweet hug from a friend I haven't seen in a while.

    Hours mindlessly spent creating art.

    Taking that perfect photo when the sun was just right on the water.

    Pumpkin bread and a cozy fire.

    A wonderful story from my cousin who is connecting so amazingly with Spirit for the first time.

  2. Oh loving those, Sunny, they make my heart sing, all so evocative! Thank you for sharing.



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