Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creative corner

If at first you don't succeed... 

As I shared a couple of weeks back, I have been wanting to paint a mandala and struggling for years - they are my bete noir! I am pretty happy with how today's turned out - part of the series that I will be selling on Etsy. Two of the first four from this series have already sold!

And getting back into collage, via Soul Collage process - making them in preparation for a workshop that I'm leading for my women's group on Sunday entitled Standing in your Power. 


 What have you been creating? I'd love to see all the beauty, colour and imagination YOU'VE been bringing to the world. Knitting, painting, poetry, photography... Do link up... will make this a weekly thing on a Thursday and will figure out a linky tool for next week!


  1. dolls, dolls, always :-)

  2. Love it Lucy, and the collages rock too!
    Can't wait for Sunday - ooo I feel my Inner Power Woman roaring to get out!

  3. Lucy,

    I did a writing course with you when your had your first little boy so that was few years ago. I just happened on your blogs etc recently. Congrats on the journey you have made in the intervening years and any changes you and your family have made in your lives e.g moving house and setting up yer own home. I have not yet gotten around to read all of your blogs etc just a few so far but I am highly impressed because you are are not trying to conform to whats expected of all of us. Its a pity we cannot all do similiar and be ourselves. Give yourself a big pat on the back, you deserve it. Continued good luck with your writing, your book and your painting. Next time I see you in Stephens Pearces pottery tea room I will say hello.


  4. Thank you anon, your comment touched me deeply and brightened my morning. x



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