Friday, February 17, 2012

What I was doing, when I should have been doing something else!

Two days ago I should have been tidying our pit - sorry, house -  before the cleaner came,so she could find a surface to clean... but instead I did this!

Yesterday I should have been doing PR for the book...but instead I did this!

Every spare moment -  you will find me painting.

I drag the girls along, they play the drums, chase each other round the tea house, wash my brushes... so I can do this...

What should you have been doing this week? And what did you do instead?


  1. Hmmm - I should have been sorting out our chaotic house in preparation for a looming 7000 mile move (in 2 weeks - aaaaagh!). Instead, I mostly met friends for coffees/lunches and swam in the pool - making the most of all the people and things I'm going to miss when we're gone!

  2. Unfortunately I spent the week doing exactly what I should have been - working, cleaning, cooking and running children around. But, you've inspired me - time to do something different!

    Anyway, I really just commented to tell you I love your paintings - if this is what you can create having not painted in ages, I can't wait to see what you can do after more practice. They are just beautiful!!!

  3. haha!! i can SO relate...

    i go on binges of doing what i ought to be doing and doing what i want to be doing...i like to think of it as a precarious balance.

    very precarious.

    this week was mostly what i wanted to be doing, with a few concessionary loads of laundry and dishes thrown in to ward off the guilt. :D

    beautiful, beautiful paintings!!


  4. You want the honest answer, I should have been doing more of what you were doing, and less looming visitor based tidying and cleaning.
    Inspiring paintings, I want to get my paints out...
    Thankyou for your beautiful comment about my article, I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

  5. I've been taking the week off, society and my mother want me to clean the house, tidy things away, but I've been looking after two small girls who have been poorly (typical halfterm) made things with them, been to the library with them, and the park and had fun! so now I'll get off the computer and go and watch Alice in Wonderland with them!

    those paintings are absolutely gorgeous! keep them coming they are so full of colour and life! beautiful! they were exactly what you were meant to do xx

    1. PS, I've had a fab time, spending time with them, and being a Mom, I was scared of it before, and wouldnt let myself just do it, because of the shadow of "you should be doing ...." or "that'll be messy...." but that shadow has been told to unceremoniously SOD OFF!! :))

      oh and I've been reading your Moon Time book too, which if you're reading this, I suggest that you buy it too! its fabulous!

      lots of love


  6. Wow Lucy they are beautiful. Loving the vibrant colours and the energy of them. You really found the right art course. Amazing. Are you working on canvas? xx

  7. I am jealous, haven't done any painting in an age...these are beautiful!! next time my LO is getting her paints out i'll join her :)

  8. You're all wonderful cheerleaders, thank you. They are all still in progress. But I am so pleased with them and with the act of painting. And LOVING the course. So exactly what I needed it is TOTALLY living up to my hopes and dreams of it.

    Yes they're acrylics on canvas Amy.

    loving playing with colour and marks, it's so much freer than anything I've done before.

  9. And THANK YOU all for sharing what you've been up to, and feeling that you should be doing. The recurring theme is creative rainbow mamas looking for balance. Go well finding that balance.

  10. lol excellent!

    wait, you clean before your cleaner arrives?? :D

    i can't say i have many shoulds (any!?) in my life. being creative is probably a should! it's certainly essential. ;)

  11. GORGEOUS!!! You were meant to be doing that instead - can you hear the angels clapping and whistling... (yes they even hoot and have those big finger thingys!) lovely x

  12. Hahaha, I am laughing my head off that someone else cleans before their cleaner arrives too! This is what you can come up with in such a short space of time??? That would take me a lifetime of umming, aaaing, head scratching and so on. You are on fire! Wow!

  13. Love the moon tree! Really love it!! Bravo!!

  14. Yes haha Mon and Paula - laugh all you want, but if our dear cleaner - angel in human disguise - was expected to clean our house in its "natural state" she would
    a) take all day rather than the 2 hours we can afford
    b) cry and require counselling
    c) contract an old sock and pant induced contagious disease
    d) quit
    None of these are good options. She is of tidy temperament, hence the reason she is a wonderful cleaner - I am sure her heart already drops when she enters our house.

    I used to mock my mother for tidying up before the cleaner, but it makes a bit of sense if you ever want to find your stuff again!!

  15. I should have been working on a baby quilt instead I got the bug to write, and write I did. Now I am behind on the baby quilt.

  16. This is great. I'm new here; found you via Pinterest article floating around about Happy Candles. This is lovely way to express yourself. Who cares about the real to-do list??? That's what I promote on my blog as well ... nice to meet you.

  17. Good for you for doing what you wanted to do rather than what you thought you should ...loving the vibrancy of these ...far more interesting than housework!

  18. Those are beautiful! Looks from here like you were absolutely doing what you were meant to be doing :-)

  19. You know what? You did it better then me, I think your choice is right. I tried by willpower to do what I should have done. Fighting with me all over and getting exhausted. To find out that my soul is hungry, needs place to sing its song, to do its art. So I am stopping, painting.

    And guess what: My problem is PR, too - the promotion of a course.

  20. Bellydancing. Riding. Cuddling a unicorn. Being cuddled by a cat. Breathing in the sea and the moor. And it worked, because when the **** hit the fan at work, I didn't hit the roof.

  21. yesterday I should have been washing the overflowing pile that needs to be don e Instead we erected our teepee in the garden and made i look pretty with bunting candles fairy lights cushions etc.......
    Today im sat here reading this fab site!!!!! washing still not done but now you've reminded me!!!!!
    between yesterday and today I should have been inspiring and educating my children instead they ran wild!!!!!lol xxx



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