Monday, February 6, 2012

Full moon rising

February 7th is this month's full moon. And I am looking forward to consciously celebrating. Tomorrow I will be taking part in Miranda Gray's Womb Blessing which I am looking forward to. And I will be heading outside and absorbing her glowing, positive, renewing, sustaining light.

Last month I was so deluged under bad nights' sleep, editing Moon Time and miserable winter weather that I didn't get out in the moonlight, the first time in many moons. And so perhaps for that reason alone, or all of them conbined, my cycle has realigned itself, mother moon having a gentle joke at my expense about my very limited human understanding, and the irony that I have just written an "authoritative" book on her unknowable mystery. So here I am, with my greater knowledge and awareness than ever before, with my beautiful moon dial mandala having just arrived (these will be available from the Happy Womb very soon), and for the first time since my cycles returned, not knowing where in my cycle I am!

Moon Dial Mandala - Created by Zoe Shekinah

But that is a true reflection of my state of creativity right now. I did a lot of extra work on Moon Time, so now I am in the situation of awaiting a proof once more, holding off on promoting it till I have a release date. Wating, still waiting to hear back from publishers on the Creative Rainbow Mama book, and wanting to be getting cracking on it again, doing more research for it, more digesting and dreaming. And yet I know that I need to allow enough energy for the final birthing pushes of Moon Time before immersing myself in the deep challenge of shaping all the content that I have for Creative Rainbow Mamas. I am between birth and gestation. I am planning a women's workshop with a dear friend for April, and organising promoting JUNO at the Irish Homebirth Conference, where I am hoping to interview Ina May Gaskin in person - wahoo!

This on top of two sick girlies, and going from nearly weaned to exclusively breastfeeding our two-year-old. I am so excited to have so many creative dreams coming to fruition these next few months. My painting course starts today. I am literally vibrating with excitement about all these strands of my life. But my body is not sure if it is coming or going. I am being creative, then being a full time mama, pulled back and forth like the tide between the twin moons of my creative babies and my flesh babies.

Where are you at dear reader, as the moon becomes her fullest? Do you find that your cycles respond so acutely to your life? Are you celebrating the full moon this month? 


  1. Ina May Gaskin in person, I'm more than envious of you, I hope it all happens the way you want it to. I join you in making a concious effort to get out into the light of the moon tomorrow. Sometimes I manage it sometimes it doesn't - deoending on what particular state of lux my household is in at the time. But it is beneficial to get out there and bathe so am off to write many colourful little 'notes to self' so that I will not forget or sideline it.
    When I'm feeling on top of things my cycle is in tune with the moon but when things are up in the air for me it falls out of sync or syncs with the opposite moon - full /new.
    Much love x

  2. Wow! Ina May Gaskin! Her books gave me such hope when I was pregnant with my first child. They are just beautiful! Lucky, lucky you! Thank you for this great post. I used to meditate with my best friends under the full moon but we haven't done it in a long time now. I will take a few minutes tomorrow night even if it's freezing outside. I love the moon.

    I do know what you mean by being rocked between babies and inspiring work, especially when they are sick or need extra bonding time : ). And this too shall pass... (Right?).

    Big hugs, Karina

  3. will be joining you in the Miranda Gray womb blessing, and I'm unsure where i am, usually ovulate around the full moon, but increasingly feeling premenstrual and very growly, this does occasionally happen when i've not been outside or seen the moon properly (ie a glimpse through the window as opposed to standing in the moonlight and listening to the noises of the night as the stars twinkle and the moon shines down) if this blumin fog clears, I'll be out there! oh sod it,I'll be out there anyway!

    xxx and blessings of the Full Moon xx


  4. Thank you all for your honest sharing, I am honoured. I am in total awe of Ina May, when she replied to an email last year, and read my blog, A friend said it was like getting an email fromGod.

  5. Yes, envy too, those books are such an inspiration in pregnancy! Well done, I can feel the creativity and excitement billowing around you!
    This full moon I have just returned to being aligned and fertile, three months ago I was totally the reverse, and menstruated at full moon...felt odd and made me realise how out of touch with myself I was. Well, I started paying attention, and whoosh, now its all good. My 6 year old even said yesterday,but mummy why aren't you having your period it's full moon? Funky stuff

  6. Love, love, love the Moon Dial Mandala! What a gift to women.



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