Thursday, February 23, 2012

I love...

I love...peacocks, writing, the tea house, homemade cake, caramel, baby curls, circles, painting with my fingers, turquoise, Nina Simone, islands, the sea, white doves in flight, cherry trees in blossom, dark chocolate with orange, kissing squidgy flesh, fragrant roses, hot baths, conkers, circuses, stirring bubbling saucepans, herb gardens, wild windy days, rockpooling, picnics, the moon, weeping willows, punting down the Cam, cookery programmes, holding hands,  fresh herb tea, melted cheese, being in flow, poetry, goddess soul sisters, blue against orange, red against magenta, walking round gardens, the British museum.

flora bowley
Flora Bowley
I am inspired by... artists, the sea, wide open spaces, churches and temples, a capella singing, vibrant colour, gorgeous photographs, Thailand and Japan.

Izumi Omori - buy from slippery
Izumi Omori - from Slippery Jacks 

I collect... sea shells, pine cones, round stones, sea glass, conkers, seasonal flowers, autumn leaves, art and craft materials, empty seed packets, cookery books... OK most books!, colourful necklaces, scarves, plants for my garden, pens, spirals, circles, blue pottery, oriental images with gold embossing, bright skirts

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  1. I love putting the kettle on to boil for tea. I love my new composter, all the dirt it will make me, and all the stuff I don't have to throw away because of it. I love my kitten sitting in front of my monitor. I LOVE red, and lots of color. I love turning "trash" into treasure. I love the smell of the ocean. I love old brick buildings and neat little architectural details. I love blogging and sharing my world. I love being able to work as an artist. I love being able to be domestic and make house. I love the smell of fresh baked bread. I love warm sunshine on my back or face. I love making lists.
    I really like this post of yours and the comment it inspired from me. I'm going to post it in my own blog. Thank you.

  2. Thank YOU - what a wonderful list. Glad it inspired you to make your own!



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