Thursday, April 7, 2011

Moon time

Moon time approaching, I am following the call inside to reflect, dream, vision and create for myself. I am taking time to read and reflect and create other stuff. I am back reading Red Moon: Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle. I have done SO much writing and giving out to others the past few weeks (you dear blog readers only see about 1/4 of it!), now is my time. This is a retreat within the confines of my daily life.

All my clothes are torn, so I need to focus on "my" stuff very literally!  I have a number of skirts which need repairing and one I have been meaning to make for about 6 months. Also a few little peg fairies are calling to be made now I have gathered the materials...

Yesterday I made a lovely clay labyrinth for a double motherblessing I am leading on Sunday for two members of our women's group. Am drawn to make another. I have been reading so many birth books for a JUNO feature, and making peace with the fact that my birthing days are behind me.

I have also been listening to a beautiful CD of Blessingway songs from the wonderful Copperwoman in preparation for Sunday: women's soul music.

I am dreaming women's celebrations, living my woman's cycles. May I commend you to do this yourself if you do not already. And I will close by introducing you to an inspiring woman I discovered last night ALisa Starkweather who I would love to do work with some time. Her events are what I dream of doing here in Ireland, one day, one day soon.

I release myself from obligation. I am giving to myself.

See you when I return

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  1. Love the labyrinth.

    If there's one time a woman ought to be selfish is during her moontime. My moontime is an inward time to tendto Self. I also use the Dark Moon as a psychological and emotional reflective time. But both are times of quiet and replenishing.

  2. I am really getting interested in the moon. Loved your talk at the World's Biggest Summit. I felt like you were talking straight to me!! I even made my hubby listen to it - I felt like he would understand me a little more if he did and it really worked!
    Thanks for all your posts on the Moon...I am def going to do a little reading, myself. With love xoxo



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