Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

It's Easter time!
The eggs on our nature table hatched! These baby chicks appeared today!
We have been busy making Easter things: cards, boxes of chocolates for friends, the kiddies even made their own easter eggs and wrapped them in coloured foil - they are very excited about eating them tomorrow - they have jelly beans inside!
Hot cross bun, hot cross buns - our annual tradition - raising, baking, glazing these spicy currant treats - we have friends over to share the eating.
The Easter bunny visited our garden today...
Timmy left a map so it knew where to leave the eggs!
And we left a carrot which was eaten!
The garden bloomed with chocolate
Chocolate lady birds too!


The treasure hunters!

A glorious day of chocolate, sunshine, friendship and shared meals.

Happy Easter to you too!

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