Thursday, April 14, 2011

"aliens" "die" "spaceship" "god" "die" "heaven"

I am number one!

Yes, I am number one on Google... if you type in those words: "aliens" "die" "spaceship" "god" "die" "heaven" you get me. Little home birthing, radical home making, random acts of beauty me! I am ranked above Wikipedia and above the crazy UFO websites. Me, Dreaming Aloud , numero uno! How scary is that? How many mad nutters are going to be joining our ranks here now... And it's all Timmy's fault!

How did I know? I have to admit it. I spy on my readers. I find out how people found me and what their google search terms were that led them here to Dreaming Aloud. All in the name of research!


  1. Bwa ha ha ha ha! That's grand!

  2. Put in "burning Castelmartyr" (you have to misspell Castlemartyr) and you get me.....second. Booo!
    Still, it'll get the illiterate East Cork pyromaniacs in.

  3. I secretly had my suspicions that you were actually a mama badger goddess from the planet venus!
    According to my son Indie I am a cat goddess. According to Alf I am a Camel goddess. Or a sheep. Or a rabbit. Or a guinea-pig. Or a monkey!
    *mf* xxxx

    are you going to be abducting anyone to come up on your spaceship? could be fun!!!

  4. that's hilarious... what analytic tool do you use?



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