Saturday, January 22, 2011

YES! A big shout out

I have just come across a new idea right up my street in YES! magazine  which author Chuck Collins, a senior researcher at the US Institute for Policy Studies, refers to as Common Security Clubs. Those who have been interested in my Transition Family posts and this week's Radical Homemaker's week, will be into this.

I have only just discovered this US publication and am just about to subscribe. At the moment US readers can get a free sample issue. International readers can sign up for a free weekly newsletter with a selection of articles to get a flavour of it.

YES! Magazine deals with peace and justice, the new economy, people power, planet, happiness. It states its purpose as:

2010 yes magazine covers
  • Reframing issues and outlining a path forward;
  • Giving a voice to the people who are making change;
  • Offering resources to use and pass along

Disclaimer:I have no connections to this publication, nor am receiving anything from them in exchange!

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  1. Thanks for the pointer. I had never heard of this magazine either, and I decided to get a sample to see what it was like. The subject matter certainly is a perfect fit.

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