Monday, January 24, 2011

Joy Pockets

mud between my fingers
my baby walking around the garden for the first time in delight
a very popular blog posting
vietnamese pork stew
pregnant friends 
my dancing girls
the election being called - and Brian Cowen (Irish Premier) finally realising he is persona non grata
special books
plum wine spritzers
a really helpful husband
looking forward to seeing Laura


  1. Haha... I love these joy pockets!

    A two year old begging me to do 'silly things'
    A five year old's stunning repertoire of giggles, chuckles and chirrups
    A 10-month old's cheeky, gappy, nose-wrinkling wickedness
    Making a tired wife laugh
    A friendly (but forever wild) robin
    Opera at breakfast time
    The smell of washing left outside to dry overnight



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