Friday, February 7, 2014

Joy Pockets

Little gratitudes in the midst of everyday living...

snowdrops in the garden

being a comforting mama to a sick girl

a safe, warm house as the storm blew around us

a really exciting top secret project

eating avocado with my fingers

a boy who has discovered an unstoppable passion for reading

a husband who is fully on board with my next big plan

Facebook connections

this review of me - from a blogging course I taught at the weekend: 

"She was immediately likeable, a ball of energy. It was like crossing the ultimate earth mother with Bridget Jones (not just down to the English accent) with Oprah Winfrey... She remains the adorable yummy mummy of her blog and three kids. Most importantly she's real..." 

Please do share your joys - big or small - in the comments section below or over on the Dreaming Aloud Facebook page ... and if you're not a member of the page, do join, there are daily doses of inspiration there and a great community.


  1. Lovely to hear you joyful moments and the lovely quote someone wrote about you. Of course that is exactly how I imagine you. I was teaching yesterday and received some lovely comments but I am feeling very anxious and so trying to focus on the positive and remember what they said. Hmmm it's a weird day.

  2. Yay for your good review! Tee hee - eating avacado with fingers! Yes! (doing baby-led weaning with my son kinda suited my style!!) ♥Mo



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