Monday, September 16, 2013


My brother called cucumber "bocum" when he was two. He has just turned 20 and the whole family still calls it bocum!

This post is a celebration of kid-speak. Those precious words, you know, the ones your child makes up, or muddles up, that bring such a freshness to language that your family repeats them for years? I just love them!

In the haze of the last few years intensity, I do not remember many neologisms from our elder two children, I'm sure I stashed them away on a scrap of paper at the bottom of their file in the filing cabinet. The only ones I remember are Timmy's ham-pine car-vester, and then pine cone harvester for combine harvester.

And Merrily's wonderful phrase which she still uses: "I'm true" - which means I'm telling the truth. But I just love that turn of phrase - I'm true!

But at three Ash is in full flow and has so many sweet ones that I want to share and remember here.

For about a year she called an elephant a sur-lap. That took a lot of figuring out - but we all call them that now!

Dogglers are what she calls goggles - my heart just melts every time she asks me to put her dogglers on - it's like proper BFG-speak.

Now, where be your dogglers, little girl? 

And then yesterday she asked Patrick to take her badger off. She meant her badge of course, but my mind was conjuring up images of cute black and white furry creatures!

In our household female gentalia is called a yoni - but the way she says it sounds like own-y - which is rather lovely - my own-y, as in my very own special part of me. And friend's son calls his genetalia peanuts - a great combination of penis and nuts!

And yesterday she was telling me that they were playing with a power suit at play school, it took me a while to realise that she meant parachute!

And then of courses there's Paptin Hook.  Who sounds much less scary than the real pirate captain!

Please do share your family's kid-speak below! I can't wait to hear their funny, creative uses of language!


  1. For some reason, my son Finn just can't say Fanta (He's quite strongly dyslexic) So he calls it Fruitan instead, and gets really upset when you try and correct him!!! Maybe one day he'll start his own 'Fruitan' drinks empire?! ;-)

  2. Love it, MF! It's a much better name!

  3. Aw, I love those. It's such a good idea to record them because I don't know how many times I've taken notice of something one of the children said and then when I went to say it to someone I'd forgotten it.

  4. George has a "leg pit" behind his knee, apparently. And when he came down a brilliant slide "Wow Mum that was as fast as a red tomato". Random.

  5. oh shit we've got so many, I did a similar post to this a while back, not sure if I can be bothered going through my blog to find it we've got:
    matny -nappy
    dulk -milk
    board-a-strictor - boa constrictor
    vench - bench (which Rebe only last week believed me was called a bench when she had it as one of her spellings in school
    lutility room - utility room
    green a go - a stop - red
    och there are so many. I also like the names they give things/ animals whatever. Benny is expert at this, he said he wanted a duck and was going to call it 'green-a-go-my-eyes-number-six and he also made a little toy cat once and called it 'pisswick' still makes me chuckle and if I ever get another cat it will definitely be called pisswick!

  6. Current favourite from Soren - 'I'm louding' = I'm shouting :)

  7. My eldest used to call Yoghurt "nomburt" my middlist says "Squeakins" for sequins, and when very little when looking at a picture of a badger would say "iss a dog" nothing would persuade her that it was a badger, so we bought her a soft toy badger, which of course is called "Issadog" My littlist just comes out with some random stuff all the time, which can reduce to us fits of the giggles in a second! We had a cat called "Pembroke" as in the Welsh County Pembrokeshire, but Rhiannon couldnt pronounce it so he became "Pegwig" instead!

    Thanks for reminding me of wonderful things.

  8. A midwife friend has a photo book of the home birth of one of her little ones, and we were looking at it the one day. The little one is around 4 I think and when we got to the picture of her placenta, she proudly told us all about her 'centa' and I thought she was quite right it was her 'centre' <3

  9. Oh ladies, loving all these... I want to start using them all myself, especially nombert and leg pit! God, aren't kids minds wonderful!

  10. My daughter Raven is 3.5 years younger than her Rook. They are now 9 and 13. Both of my kids had me in stitches all day with funny word flubs. One of my favorite is what Raven loving called her brother. She could not say the word "brother" so called him Bubbo (BUH boh

  11. Remember the times when we all played words game, why don't we make fun words on purpose now and than? I think we do ... maybe it just became low priority and ... hmmmm .... plain embarrassing ? who says? Let create!



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