Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The things that make me go - arrrrgggghhhh!

Today, for one day we only, we have the antithesis of Joy Pockets. Which could be otherwise known as the grumble bellies.

We all have 'em, the irrational things that make us go arrrggghhh! So I thought it would be fun to share my own idiosyncratic growlers. Mr Dreaming Aloud's involve children and water butts, children and hoses, children and light switches, children and freezers... can you see a pattern.

Mine are far less rational or orderly and include, though not exclusively:
  • Opening Facebook/ email/ twitter/pinterest and finding my husband logged in - the modern version of the toilet seat dilemma
  • Dogs being allowed to jump up at people, shit on the pavement, bark all night, come into our garden and harrass us - if my child did that people would not accept it - but it's alright, it's a dog...
  • Perfectly coordinated and accessorized or hideously expensive children's birthday parties
  • People without kids parking in the mother and baby spaces
  • Easy open packaging which breaks without opening - leaving you to hack dangerously away at the inaccessible packaging whilst feeling like an idiot for not being able to handle easy open packaging. 
  • The left overs from dinner being left out all night
  • Small print - no one can understand it, but you have to sign up to it
  • Having to type in captcha security codes when I want to leave a message - and can't read the effing thing
  • Random computer sulks/ printer malfunctions etc - for logical machines, they are very illogical and emotional!
  • Bad punctuation on printed signs - arrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh

Ahhhh! Feeling better - what are your "things"?


  1. fabulous aarrrggghhhhs there!

    mine are (among others, but I'm not my mother so I wont complain about everything)

    1) my mother complaining about EVERYTHING!! seeing the worst that can happen even in a positive situation.

    2) people who drive too fast along our lane

    3) people who feed the sheep on Clee Hill common, despite the signs saying "do not feed the sheep"

    4) having to sponsor things endlessly at school because the head teacher spends all the money on laptops.

    5) I think thats enough!

    hope you have many joy pockets this week! I have a very inexpensive 6th birthday party this weekend, bouncy castle at the village hall, home made paper bunting that the little ones drew hearts on and a Mad Hatters tea party theme, which means teapots with ribena in, and instead of pin the tail on the donkey, its "put the jam on the dormouse's nose" so I;d better go and draw a dormouse and find a pot of jam!



  2. My aaaargh thing at the moment is that I whacked into my lip earlier where I have a fat coldsore that has now split and is throbbing and tingling and hurting lots. Horrid things! Bleugh!

    My dog has gone from doing poos in very discreet places in the bushes of our garden, to recently doing her business right in the middle of our gravel driveway, or slap bang in the middle of the lawn.

    The endless tide of keep calm and bla bla bla posters. Yawn! Enough already!

    Ok magazine. read it the other day cos it was literally the only thing in the laundrette, and was properly annoyed with how bitchy they are in those mags - horrible!

  3. Haha! Funny ;) My aaarrgghh things are:

    1. People who are on their phones whilst driving - I want them to be caught in that moments, fined and banned from driving for life.

    2. The dust bin men collecting the rubbish on a Saturday morning - I want to sleep in at the weekend, not rudely awakened by the sounds of a big truck slowly moving along the street and making a racket (I think they do that on purpose ;))

  4. I nearly explode when I try to cross the street (with child) at a green trafficlight and the car from the road left is not stopping or at least the driver seems not willing to stop. I have this every second week and I could every time turn into a wild lion. This is so dangerous and disgusting. My daughter was impressed when I yelled at and "threatend" the car with my umbrella. Umpf.

    Thanks for your list. :) I thought I am the only one that is not able to read the captcha - I always need two or three tries...

    Grrr. And here is another one. Not being able to comment because of error messages - and then loosing the whole comment.

  5. We have separate user accounts set up on our home computers, so we don't have the problem of having to endlessly log in or out. We even have a guest account, so guests can surf without the risk of having your settings changed, etc.

    My arrrrgh moment? Somehow I have two username/password combinations for WordPress, and I can't remember the WordPress.com one. Which means I'm blocked out of commenting on certain blogs because of some complicated computer misunderstanding. boo.



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