Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Queen of Half Assed

AKA "She who starts with a flourish, gives up half way through, hacks it all together, and ends up quite pleased with the rushed finish job – which is always imperfect".

I just needed to reassure you all - the reason I'm an "inspiring blogger" is that I am GREAT at starting projects. I get all fired up and inspired. Evangelical even. I start. I continue. And then... ummm I get a little bored.

Follow through is not my middle name.

So from recent posts you would now expect me to be svelte, have lost a stone, be super rich and totally confident.

Well, no!

I've started all these things. Been totally on board and convinced in the moment.

But I'm a dancer. A two step forwards, one step back and wiggle your tail feather kinda gal.

So I have a profound realisation. A moment of complete clarity. A vision even. I act. I act. I get bored. I realise something else. And on it goes.

If I were growing up in America now they'd probably have me down for ADD or something.

But sod it. I'm the Queen of Half Assed. 

Each typo you spot is a sign that I made it through to the end. Without them the project, the post would not have been birthed.

Oh glorious typos. Wonderous hairs out of place, smudged lipstick and holes in my tights. You are the signs of my vision birthed into the world!


  1. Love it..... The world needs more ideas people!
    Good to know its not me!

  2. Haha. Laughing in recognition!!! I'm completely a half-assed kinda gal. And its nice to know thats ok and you can still be successful without finishing every damn project to the bitter end in the exact image of its first incarnation. Evolve, evolve, evolve. Ditch, dump, change as you go. That's my kinda style too :-)

  3. Oh, yes, I belong in that category too... although I start hundreds of projects, inch away at them forever, and by the time I 'finish" them, they are NOTHING like my original idea, ha ha, they have had several metamorphises along the way. The ENERGY is in the ideas :)

  4. Hahaha yes! I am that one too! But, as I have realised recently, it is not about reaching a perfect goal in all my expected finery and glamour but about the JOURNEY - we are ALL on that journey, at different stages and speeds and motivations. Some of us have fallen in a slump or been callously tripped up or even snatched away in our bid for the finishing line... and therein lies the message to us all. Enjoy the journey, and make what you can of it :) xxx

  5. Loving all your unique insight dear mamas! The energy is in the ideas, it's all about the journey, and evolve! What wise women you are. To all you Sister Queens of Half Assed, I curtesy!



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