Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dreaming Aloud... Together. Your ideas needed...

Hello lovelies

You know why I've been quiet?

Cos I've been scheming, and planning... and worrying and dreaming and doodling and journalling and fiddling.


Trying to dream aloud the new Dreaming Aloud by myself.

Who it's for, what it's about, how it works, how it will look...

When will I learn?

I'm trying to second guess what YOU will love, what YOU will want. So I can reveal it all fresh and new with a big TA-DA! in about 6 weeks.


If it's about YOU, then I need YOU onboard.

I know, I'm a little slow...

Note to self Lucy - YOU ARE NOT IN IT ALONE. You have support out there. A massive, wonderful, dynamic crew of creative geniuses... 

Do you remember when we dreamed aloud the title of The Rainbow Way? That was pure magic. So let's do it again. There'll be a thank you pack of my greetings cards going out to the winning idea, or the one that most helps me to get there.

So first of all I want to do a big reveal of the header, which is almost, almost there. It has been evolving a while now and hit completion at the weekend... my newly created font, my art behind it, my logo of the Dreaming Aloud stone spiral - in rainbow colours - and his computer magic...

But I don't currently have a tag line... and I think they are useful for new visitors to a site, so that they know what it's about and what to expect...

(WTF's a tag line, Lucy? It's the one sentence description of what a blog/ website is about, which goes under the main for example, Leonie has Amazing Biz, Amazing Life, Hands Free Mama has Letting Go... To Grasp What Really Matters...)

The new look website will of course have plenty of rainbow colours but lots of white space too. It will of course be home to the blog that you know and love, but will also have my shop with my books and art, there will be lots of creativity resources, e courses, the Facebook community and creative coaching... ( do let me know what else YOU would like on it, especially in the way of e courses...)

I am so excited about it - the design is nearly there, the web guy hired and he starts to build it on the 1st of April.

So back to tag lines... I spent all last weekend distracted by logos. Which was fine as the kids were with the grandparents for a sleep over. But I am single mama this weekend whilst Mr DA goes for a very well deserved skite to a big design conference. So I want to get tag lines sorted by tonight so I'm not distracted from kids all weekend with it going round and round my head. I'll share my current shortlist here - please do vote for the numbers you like. And also tell me the ones you can't stand. And please do add in any variations on the themes below - or something totally unique in the comments section below.

And remember, the winning entry gets a pack of 5 greetings cards.

My current shortlist:
1) Creative rainbow living
2) Living outside the lines
3) Where dreaming is allowed
4) Free thinking in creative colour
5) Life in full color
6) Where dreams take root
7) Vibrant, creative living
8) Inspired living for creative spirits
9) Your life, your way!
10) Courageous living for creative souls
11) Inspire, empower, transform...


  1. Number 5! :-) 'Life in full colour' sums up your blog for me. And especially so after your recent post about grey which I thought was brilliant and very inspiring and so true! 5 goes so well with your new wonderful rainbow font too! X

  2. I like #5 as well, though I might say "Real life in full colour." because you do kindle creativity in those of us that become to busy and wrapped up in "real life" to take the time. And because then you get the interplay of the words "Dreaming" vs "Real life".
    And I'm drawn to #8 "Inspired living for creative spirits", but I think it's just the "creative spirit" part I like. Maybe "Kindling the creative spirit." Or "Empowering the creative spirit." Or even "Inspiring the creative spirit." sounds more pleasing to me for some reason. Perhaps the singular spirit sounds more personal?- I don't know. But it's second to #5 either way.
    And because you asked, I don't like #2, 3, or 9. All just a bit too cheesy really.

  3. Thanks so much Nedra - the Life in Full Colour and variations on that theme are proving popular in all the facebook feedback too.

  4. Lucy, I love the header. And I agree that #5 resonated most with me but I like Nedra's addition of "real life in full colour".

  5. what about 'reveries of a rainbow mama'



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