Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Painting again

I haven't done much painting recently - nothing's been calling me. When I can't paint, I can't paint. It just doesn't happen. But this morning I went to work with the idea for a new project, which by mid afternoon I have no energy for. But hey - here's what I was up to this morning!

This one has been emerging for a few months now. Every time I'm in the mood I add another little bit to it. It's tentatively called "Softly Held". It's much more vibrant in real life.
This one was painted quickly, wet on wet. I love the melting colours. It's called "Melting into Love."
These are four pictures I painted today for a new project on menstrual archetypes - I followed my own exercise in Moon Time and loved it!


  1. I love this subject, your inspiration and your work. Keep at it! x's & o's

  2. love these Lucy, I still haven't gotten much further with my archetypes, but there is a painting brewing in there somewhere with at least a couple of them. hugging you x

  3. Gorgeous Lucy! I think the menstrual archetypes quartet is particularly moving. I've come back to look at it twice now...

  4. These are beautiful and one in particular very poignant and pertinent to me right now. I need these reminders of the strength and beauty in my life right now, it's been tough recently. Thankyou Lucy



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