Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Need YOUR Help to Name my Next Book

OK, dearest readers, YOUR help is needed! (And there's a prize!)

I have now printed out a complete second draft of my next book - the one I have been referring to as "The Creative Rainbow Mama", which I hope to have out early in the new year. 

(To read a bit - see here). To find out what the hell a Creative Rainbow Mama is, see here. To contribute see here. To see more about it taking shape, see here.)

Photo: For you Rainbow Mama :)
I just had a gorgeous picture shared with me of Facebook, that I'd love to have for the cover- does anyone know the artist?
The book has done the round of publishers and agents and received many very nice "nearly but not quite" responses- so I am self publishing.

And it's really finding shape. But to nail it I really need to get the title right, and I thought who better to ask than you, enthusiastic dear readers!

The book, to recap, is a guide for creative mothers - on how to balance creativity and motherhood. I think of it as an Artist's Way for Mothers. It explores:
  • Two key mothering archetypes: The Earth Mother and Creative Rainbow Mother, and her shadow side, the Crazy Woman
  • Exploring and shedding family and societal pressures which block our creativity as women and mothers
  • The practical side: How to make time and space in your mothering life to create, how to get support
  • Guiding you to find the right creative outlets for yourself
  • Sharing how to get started if your creativity has tanked and stalled, and how to get unstuck
  • Spiritual insight into women's creativity - including pregnancy, the birth process and menstrual cycles and their impact
  • How to weave creativity into your life as a family.
I need a title that will make this book jump off the shelf - or the web- and into your arms and heart. One that invites you in. That doesn't turn you off. I don't want anything too hippy or woo-woo, as it's not really that hippy a book! (Think Moon Time - it walks the path between mainstream and woo-woo!) - I'm aware that talk of rainbows and mamas is a bit woo-woo. The part about the creative mother archetype is a central part - but it does not dominate the book - you could read the book, skip that chapter, and it would still all make sense...

I could REALLY do with your feedback. Please vote in the comments section below - 1, 2,3  or suggest your own. And tell me what works for you, and what doesn't. 

The winning suggestion gets a signed copy of the book once it is published. If it ends up being one of my suggestions that you vote for then all those who voted for the final title have their names put into a hat and one of you will win!

My title suggestions are:
  1. The Creative Rainbow Mama
  2. The Creative Rainbow Mama’s Guide to Creativity…and Life!
  3. The Path of the Creative Rainbow Mama
  4. The Creative Mother
  5. The Path of the Creative Mother
  6. A Guidebook for Creative Mothers
  7. The Creative Mother's Handbook
  8. The Creative Mother's Path
  9. The Creative Mama Way
  10. The Creative Mama-festo
  11. Renaissance: The birth of the creative mother
Subtitles include:
a)How to nurture your creativity whilst you raise your children
b) A guide to creativity and living
c) Embracing the rainbow of possibilities
d)Painting from your full palette
e) Walking the rainbow path

Thank you!!!


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  2. I love number 9 :) It includes the fact it will be about creativity and life without using so many words. I'd be a little put off by the word 'rainbow' in the title, although I'd be more than happy to read it in the pages. Number 9 sticks out to me as the perfect balance between 'mainstream' and 'woo-woo' and as a bonus, for those who've read 'The Artist's Way' I think it would sing to them automatically! Can't wait to see it - I'm not a mama yet but I'm in that forward reading phase. Beautiful photo too - I hope you can find the artist as it'd make an awesome cover! xx

  3. P.S. I only removed my first comment because of a typo ;) I need to kick my inner perfectionist!

  4. Thanks Maria - Number 9 just came to me as I was writing done already planned ones - I like it too! Good on you for getting prepared pre-mamahood!

    Have you seen my post on perfectionism on Tiny Buddha?

    1. I haven't but I'm heading on over there ;) Thanks!

  5. I like 8 (b) and 8 (d) those resonate most with me!

  6. Thanks, Winterwood - great to have new names and faces here in dialogue - thank you

  7. I hope you dont mind me saying but they are all statements. I prefer titles about Finding or Becoming. Suggesting we are all on a journey that never quite ends but maybe thats just me.

  8. I think 3 or 5 plus a. or maybe... ooh its a tough one, I can see why you need help! x

  9. Hmmmm interesting, @Things Hand Made - such as....

    Thanks, Leigh, So it sounds like a common theme is liking the Path/ Journey/ Way idea...

  10. I like 9D. Since you also asked for any extra ideas, how about something like : The way of the Rainbow mama - A guide to sharing your creative gifts with the world whilst walking the path of motherhood" ? I like the idea of creativity as being a gift that needs to get out, needs to be shared, deserves time and energy and will enrich the world :-)

  11. I like 7a, that way you can reach a wider audience; including those that may not be familiar with the term of 'creative rainbow mama'

  12. I think No 5. if you want to be taken seriously. The Creative Mother. I'm sorry, but the word Mama sounds demeaning to motherhood in this context and the Rainbow word evokes hippydom (to me, anyway) .

  13. Hi Lucy, How about 'Nurturing the Creative Mother'?

    I think a title like 'The Creative Mother' will sound like a project book for working with children. I agree with others about using the word rainbow...maybe a bit vague?not sure.

    anyway...thats my suggestion. I'l be one of the first to buy! Love your writing and I need your new book!! (by the way ..ever think of publishing a book of your favourite blog posts?..something I would buy too)

  14. Hey, thanks all - that was a near miss, then, NO ONE likes my title for the book!!

    @Nicola The blog posts one is in progress too - I have three on the go at the moment - but they have to wait for when I 'm not writing/ editing JUNO, teaching blogging, organising exhibitions, doing general admin, sending out copies of Moon Time and writing this blog to get done! They're all in a second draft state - it's just between that and publication is a huge chasm of very tedious editing - which I have to do myself.

  15. Sounds like a book I would love to read :-) I really like what you wrote above as a sub-heading: "How to weave creativity into your life as a family". That has a beautiful ring to it.

    The Creative Mother sounds a little uninspiring to me. I like something that captures your interest and follows up with a sub-title to give more information. Like "Dreaming Out Loud: How to weave creativity into your life as a family". But on the flip side, it can also be good to have a primary title that explains it as well....Best of luck with it all and look forward to seeing the finished book!

  16. Lucy, This book sounds exactly what I am looking for, having read your definition of a Creative Rainbow Mother a while back. Can't wait to read it and good on you for listening to your heart and following the self-publishing root. The world needs this book! I like suggestion 10.

  17. Thank you Rachel and Julie, your enthusiasm means the world to me as I struggle and struggle to get this book into shape and feel a little daunted at how far it still feels I have to go.

  18. Agreed, Rainbow is too woo-woo. I like numbers 4 and 5 but my vote goes to 5.

  19. Lucy, I've been thinking about this for a few days. Playing with your words and energies. I remember the beautiful interview & exchange we had when you were writing the first draft. That process felt like:
    title: The Rainbow Path
    subtitle: the art of mothering and creative expression
    OR subtitle
    a guide to creativity and mothering

    Because of your affinity for rainbows and this being the year of the rainbow I love the word "rainbow" in your work. It's one of your signature words, a word you use a lot. I'm suspect that you will explain why "rainbow" is significant to Motherhood in the book somewhere?

    While I LOVE LOVE LOVE the image above, it doesn't represent children. It definitely feels feminine and rainbowlicious, but doesn't evoke a sense of motherhood, at least to me.

    hth. I'm thinking about you and sending you good word vibes and love til you get this puppy named....

  20. thinking more about the cover, given all the beautiful art that's pouring out of you, perhaps YOU should paint the cover? Go for it!!!! You are such a beautiful artist, writer and mama.

  21. Oh Becky, Becky my love, you know me very well, it's mad we haven't met! My response is the next blog post I feel....

    thank you xx



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