Monday, May 14, 2012

The nearest thing to telepathy...

What's the point in blogging anyway?

This has been going round my head a lot at the moment. On good days I'd list inspiration, information and a tribe/ community of like minded people. Blogging has changed my life, and those of so many others.

But preparing to teach blogging for the first time I find myself in an existential crisis of minor proportions: why would you write your most public thoughts for the world to read? do I have enough followers? How many is "enough" anyway? Do I spend to long blogging...or not enough? Why haven't any of my posts gone stratospheric recently? Do my earlier readers prefer the emotional and mothering outbursts of truthtelling whereas now I'm talking more about writing and art and working... How much is a blog MY space, and how much do I owe you, dear reader, to write what YOU want to hear?

All these thoughts and more...How I wish I had 50,000 page views a day, which (apparently!!) makes you considered a viable "platform" in publishing. How I wish I could be wittier, more succinct, have more of interest to say, to package it better...

I was turning into my own worst enemy.

And then I was sent my sister's blog and it was like fresh air and sunshine. And I got blogging again. Really got what it's all about. The sense of a persons inner world that you have no idea about. The wonder and joy in realising that you are not alone in your deep thoughts, deep concerns. Thoughts that you would never know most other people had - even those closest to you!

Sure it can be competitive, pushy, all absorbing. But isn't it marvellous, really? This free form of communication, heart to heart, soul to soul, around the world. It is the nearest we humans have gotten to telepathy. What an incredible medium it is! Long live the blogosphere!

What does blogging and the blogosphere mean to you. And how are you feeling about this blog right now? For a previous post on blogging and community see here


  1. For me blogging is
    - sharing a good idea with people who sometimes tell me that they like my ideas.
    - virtually meeting people with similar interests, interests that my beloved ones don't necessarily "get".
    - a grown up conversation when I haven't had one for days.
    - seeing normal people making/doing/creating things and being inspired to give it a go too.

    And lastly, this morning, blogging meant getting a surprise handmade envelope full of recipe cutouts from one of my followers! These small things make life better.


  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Well said! I LOVE getting little love packages from followers too!

  3. I have a very small blog, I dont write on it on a regular basis, but occasionally there will be something that I have to share with the world, not just a comment or a wall post on facebook, but a message to the world from me, I dont mind if no one reads it, I put it out there, because I want it to be shared. I love reading blogs, and the ones recommended from this one are fab, I dont religiously check them everyday, to see if anyones replied to my comment, I dont even look at them everyday, but its like finding a good magazine and reading the articles of everyday motherhood, achievement and determination! Blessed are the Blogs for they are fab!

    Keep it up Lucy!


  4. I need to blog again! Blogging is liberating and laughing and a phenomenal way for people ,especially brave women, to connect and share.. (but can't work out the photo thing which is my current blog block...)

  5. I started blogging over three years ago as a means to get me into writing practice. Well, I can safely say I haven't looked back since. The best thing for me is the wonderful community I found here. I have made so many new friends - most of whom I've never met and live in different countries - but we made such a connection. I love Blogland! Great post.

  6. I started my blog for me as a diary/photograph album of my family and our journey together. I don't think many people read it but it is primarily for me and the kids when they get older can look back through it, so followers matter not to me. I do love other peoples blogs, I find them so inspiring - each like a fresh breeze through the window. It makes me feel closer to the rest of the world and more like a global community. It's a wealth of inspiritation I wouldn't be without, so many wonderful people out there.


  7. After my first burst of blogging, I've kind of had a dry spell. There's been a few things contribute to this, but I need a new inspiration to get back into it on a regular basis. I love to read your sister blog Lucy, can you share the link please? I think I just need more time - and a less busy life. We've just had a Naming Ceremony for Lorc on his 1st birthday, so that was manic and knackered now!
    On a lighter note, I now own a Tablet PC... so once I work out how to use it, I may be blogging like a trooper again!

  8. All those questions, yes. Especially "Do I spend too long blogging ... or not enough?"

  9. Blogging is most fun when you feel free to really say what you mean/ want to say. My new rule is only write when I want to, not because I feel I must. Winning a blogging award recently has made me feel a bit pressured - have been unable to write since then! I think it's ok for your blog to go through phases - sometimes when no-one comments on the blog I'm getting really heartfelt encouragement and validation in person/ face to face from friends.... I think it's all part of the process...

  10. I'm still quite new to the world of blogging! Still very much ebbing & flowing with how much to reveal of myself, & my thoughts. Finding little pitstops like this I feel encouraged, less alone in the wonderings of it all!

  11. I started blogging because there were things I wanted to say and share with others. I wanted to share an alternative view of the world that I talk with a lot with my friends.
    There are times when I wish I had more followers..I also know sometimes getting big numbers may divert from my true voice. I am happy with my blogging friends and the world I have created on my piece of the blogging pie.

  12. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!



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