Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Starting out

After a couple of years of resisting a blog, I am diving head first in. This is mainly because getting round to writing for publication is seeming a more distant reality by the day. So rather than park my musings all alone on my computer, I shall park them here instead. I have been inspired by the wonderful Julie and Julia... So I'm waiting for parcels of fine food through the post! Or books. Lots and lots of books.

This is a virtual space for dreaming aloud, whatever form it might take...a place for the seed of an idea to fall from my mind and take root. A kernel which maybe, just maybe might grow into a full grown article or even a book one day...But for today, it is here: a thought, a vision, a dream, a wondering, a wish, a rant, perhaps lots of rants, a possibility, a flower in the desert...come join me as we dream aloud together, dream a healthier, happier, bigger, bolder more vital and vibrant version of family life, education, birth, health and humanity than we currently live. Let us share our visions, let our songs mingle into a beautiful melody together...Let us dream...

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